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The Best Replacement Window Screens for Every Home

With the right type of window screen, you can manage airflow while also keeping insects and debris out. Whether you’re looking for a fully assembled custom made, or DIY screen kit, this article will go over the best replacement window screens to meet your needs.

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Consider Material Type

Replacement window screens come in a variety of materials including fiberglass, aluminum, and bronze. Fiberglass is the most common type because it’s lightweight, rust-resistant, scratch-resistant and affordable. Aluminum is also lightweight but more expensive, while bronze gives a traditional look with greater durability and strength. Consider which type of material is best for your home when choosing the right one for you.

Choose the Right Size and Shape

Before installing any new window screens, be sure you know the exact measurements of your windows. Measure the length and width of each window opening and double-check your numbers to ensure a proper fit. When you’re looking at different replacement window screens, make sure you consider the shape as well since not all screens may fit with the shape of your window.

Review Your Options for Screen Mesh

With all of the different types and styles of replacement window screens, it can quickly become overwhelming to pick the right mesh. Fiberglass mesh is one of the more popular choices because it offers good visibility and insect protection without sacrificing airflow or your view. Aluminum mesh is also a popular choice for its strength, durability, and ability to withstand extreme temperatures. For maximum visibility, opt for a solar or Super Solar coated fiberglass, aluminum or UltraVue screening material.

Look for Sun-Resistant Screens for Bright Exteriors.

Window screens should also be chosen based on their sun resistance if the exterior of your home is especially bright or sunny. Sun-resistant mesh technology helps reduce glare and protect against UV rays. Choose mesh materials like Super Solar, UltraVue or aluminum screens for optimum sun protection and durability. Of course, if you want the maximum amount of visibility you can opt for the traditional fiberglass mesh, but keep in mind that it won’t offer much protection from the sun’s harmful rays.

Find Pet Resistant Options to Protect Pets and the Home Interior

Pets are a beloved part of many homes, and as such, pet-resistant window screens can help protect them (and the home’s interior) from potential harm. The screening material used is called Pet Screen and is manufactured by Phifer Incorporated. We personally love this product because it works great with both dogs that scratch and cats that love to climb up your screen door. At our house we have both types of pets and we love them. Get your pet screen today!

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