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Vertical Blinds Walmart

Why would I buy vertical blinds at walmart?

I found out why I will not buy from big companies. They are all so corporate and big. It is not that they are not trying to help you but I do not think they have the same intentions to make your life easier. Why would they want to do this? Why?

or any other corporate big box store or home improvement store?

I’m Jena Castro and I am an interior designer. When I need furniture or materials to design a living space or business, I always need a trustworthy supplier who knows their product. I had a client who insisted that I buy the lowest cost window covering possible because it was a home staging so the property could be sold. I would have never dreamed that this would lead me to a Walmart Superstore.

The short version of my adventure to find vertical blinds Walmart is they do not have the sizes I need and the employees don’t have much knowledge about this type of product. I guess I have more experience than people out of the design industry.

I recommend Best Custom Screens blinds because when I called the guy who answered knew about the vertical blinds walmart. I also found out that the quality was much greater than anything I could find in a store.

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