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window screen installation tips

Here are some tips for installing window screens:

  1. Measure the window opening to ensure that the screen is the correct size. You may need to trim the screen to fit the window.
  2. Install the screen from the inside of the window. This will make it easier to reach the mounting points and will allow you to make any necessary adjustments from the inside of the house.
  3. Start by attaching the top of the screen to the window frame. Use clips, screws, or other fasteners to secure the screen in place.
  4. Work your way down the sides of the screen, attaching it to the frame as you go. Use a spline roller to push the screen material into the groove around the frame.
  5. Trim any excess screen material from the corners of the frame using a pair of scissors or a utility knife.
  6. Check the screen for any gaps or looseness. Make any necessary adjustments to ensure a snug fit.
  7. Test the screen to make sure it is secure and that it opens and closes smoothly.

Remember to wear gloves and protective eyewear when installing window screens to protect yourself from sharp edges and tools.

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