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Home Depot Sliding Screen Door & Lowes screen sliding doors – 8 Foot / 96″ Review

Have you ever gone to buy something from a big box home improvement store like Home Depot or Lowes and found yourself looking for the sliding screen door size only to leave empty handed? You tried their online store, but their products don’t fit your slider glass door.

Or you ran into this problem in person at the store and wondered why they didn’t carry the size you needed. I know the problem because I’ve had this happen to me. But I also know that there are other options. Here is how you can get the necessary screen doors in your house so you’re not stuck with a sliding screen door that can’t fit.

Negative Experience at Home Improvement Store

OK seriously, why can’t Home Depot or Lowes carry my sliding screen door sizes?

Why can’t they carry a 94 Inch tall or 8 foot size? Instead, after the estimate for the new screen door came in at $816, I decided to look somewhere else. Here’s how I went about doing so. Quote from a customer.

What sizes do patio screen doors come in?

Check out how Steve found out that the Home Improvement Store do not carry the 8 foot screen doors

Home Depot

Lowe’s Home Improvment

8 Foot Sliding Screen Door that are available

Below is a list of sliding screen doors with the 96 inch or 8 foot height. Sizes can range from 92″ to 98″.

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