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Storm Doors Selection

Above all your front door makes a statement! Certainly you must complement it with a custom Storm Door! Especially because it lets you enjoy fresh air and bugs-free evenings year round.

Firstly the product is the best with an innovative design. Similarly it features a multi-point locking mechanism. Secondly the heavy-duty metal construction and tempered glass adds maximum durability.

Best Features & Benefits

  • A sturdy barrier door is the first line of defense against bad weather and biting insects.
  • It adds an extra layer of protection in the form of glass
  • Plus it enhances front door design.
  • Ideal for homes without a swinging screen or where the screen alone isn’t enough
  • Our product features 8mm double-thick glass
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Adjustable hinges.

Why do I need a storm door?

For example a storm door is an extra exterior door, designed to be installed on a main entry door. Featuring more glass than a typical screen door. It allows for additional light and increased ventilation into your home. Most importantly it is all with the added benefit of creating a barrier from bugs entering your living space.

Is a screen door and stormdoor the same?

Most notably both of the products are usually installed on the main entrance door of your house.

They each have their own purpose;

  • a storm door is used to protect the original door from damaging
  • while screens are used to keep bugs out with its screen mesh.

Lastly the screen door frames are made of steel, vinyl or wood and the body is screened with different type and quality of mesh whereas the storm door has glass panel instead of screens. Storm door adds extra security to your home that screen doors don’t.

Therefore the average cost of outer doors that keep out weather ranges from $150 to $999 depending on the design and quality. It’s definitely expensive than screen door but gives you extra layer of protection in terms of safety and security.

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