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Step up your style with our exclusive Best Custom Screens Merchandise! Show off your flair with our premium collection featuring stylish hats, vibrant stickers, and comfortable t-shirts and polo shirts, all adorned with the Best Custom Screens logo.

Industry Apparel

Welcome to our specialized ‘Industry Apparel’ section, tailored for professionals in the Screening, Glass, and Window Coverings Industries, as well as Handyman, Contractors, Maintenance Teams, and Facilities Management.

The Tale of the Saint Michael Baseball Cap: A Fusion of Art, Devotion, and Legacy

The Birth of a Unique Design in the Heart of the City

In the bustling heart of a vibrant city, amidst towering structures and the symphony of daily life, Best Custom Screens stood out as a small yet remarkable apparel company. Renowned for its dedication to quality and heartfelt designs, the company was on the brink of launching a product far beyond mere fashion – the Saint Michael Baseball Cap. This cap would not only make a style statement but also weave a tale of devotion, protection, and familial legacy.

Artist Angel Mia with the Blessed Virgin de Guadalupe wearing her hat design with St Michael the Archangel
Artist Angel Mia with the Blessed Virgin de Guadalupe wearing her hat design with St Michael the Archangel

Angel Mia’s Inspiration: Blending Faith and Art

At the core of this story was Angel Mia, the daughter of Steve Tristan, the visionary behind Best Custom Screens. Angel Mia was not just any artist; she was a creator whose hands weaved magic on canvas and screens alike. Her latest creation was something close to her heart, a design that reflected her deep devotion and admiration for Saint Michael the Archangel.

The Influence of Steve Tristan‘s Volunteer Work

The idea blossomed one quiet evening, as Angel Mia sat sketching on her tablet. Her mind wandered to the tales her father shared about his experiences volunteering at Saint Ferdinand and Santa Rosa Catholic Churches. This is where he worked closely with police officers, running command for security during the bustling church fiestas. Steve’s admiration for Saint Michael, known as the protector and the patron saint of police officers. It had deeply influenced Angel Mia.

Steve Wearing the Saint Michael Hat in this video

The Spiritual Significance of Saint Michael the Archangel

In her design, Angel Mia decided to intertwine the essence of Saint Michael with the identity of Best Custom Screens. She meticulously drew the archangel, infusing the artwork with bold strokes and vibrant colors that brought the figure to life. But there was something unique about this depiction – in Saint Michael’s hand was not just any shield, but the one from the Best Custom Screens logo, a symbol dearly cherished by the company. This shield, emblazoned on the polo shirts of the company’s staff, was a constant reminder of their unity, strength, and dedication.

Beyond an Accessory: A Story Woven into Fabric

As the cap took form, it became more than just an accessory. It was a narrative woven into fabric – a story of protection, strength, and unwavering faith. The cap was not just meant to shield one from the sun; it was designed to be a shield of faith, a reminder of the protective presence of Saint Michael in the daily hustle of life.

The Saint Michael Baseball Cap, with its unique design and profound symbolism, quickly became a cornerstone of the Industry Apparel line at Best Custom Screens. Customers who wore the cap felt a sense of connection, not just to the brand, but to the values it stood for – protection, faith, and a deep sense of community.

A Testament to Angel Mia’s Vision and Steve’s Devotion

This cap was more than just a product; it was a testament to Angel Mia’s artistic vision, Steve Tristan’s devotion, and the legacy of a company that believed in the power of stories and symbols. It stood as an emblem of protection for anyone who wore it, a gentle reminder of the guardian angel watching over them in their daily endeavors.

And so, the Saint Michael Baseball Cap became a cherished item, not just for its aesthetic appeal but for the story it told and the legacy it carried forward – a legacy of faith, art, and the unbreakable bond of a family devoted to their guardian, Saint Michael the Archangel.

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