Pet Doors

Pet Doors Available

Made of heavy duty aluminum extrusions for strength, ease of installation, with a secure closing method. Two way rubber will not freeze,
crack, warp or become sticky. Thumb locked closing panel is covered in a white laminate so that pets will know they cannot pass through.

No sharp edges and all weather protected with four different colored finishes. Mounts into wooden & aluminum doors, or use with screen
door adapter

Features & Benefits

Pet Doors are a great way to give your furry friend access without having them enter through an door.

  • Made of heavy duty aluminum extrusions for strength, these pet doors come with two rubber compounds that will not freeze or crack no matter how much snow falls on it!
  • They also have thumb locked panels so you don’t need worrying about pesky fingers getting stuck inside like in previous models; now both pets and owners alike can enjoy peace-of mind knowing their animal companion has everything needed including safety from inclement weather conditions due at least partly because they’re covered with matching colored finishes with your sliding or swinging screen door.

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