Pet Friendly Screens

What are pet friendly screens?

Pet friendly screens are window and door screens that are best for dogs and cats.

These products include:

“My cat loves to climb up our french door screen doors with Phifer pet screen,” comments Steve Tristan, Director of Operations Best Custom Screens.

What is Pet Screen?

Pet Screen is a screening material that is dog and cat resistant and guaranteed not to tear or rip. Your large Labrador or extra large Saint Bernard can scratch away at the Pet Screen and it will not damage it.

It’s manufactured by Phifer Incorporate. A proven brand that works and lasts.

Phifer Per Screen

Pet Screen is designed to be puncture resistant especially resisting damage by dogs and cats. Also recommended to be used in high traffic areas like sliding screen doors and french door screens.

Pet Screen is extremely durable making it an excellent choice to be used in patio enclosures as well as windows and doors. Plus it provides clear outward visibility. This is one screening mesh that cannot be beat for its durability. It’s well worth it!

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