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Screen Spline

Screen spline is the rubber or foam material used to roll in the screening onto a screen frame. The rubber type is usually serrated. The come in black or grey usually. Black is available on our website and Grey would need to be custom orders.

Screen door spline
Serrated Black Screen Door Spline

What does serrated mean? explains: serrated[ ser-ey-tid, suhrey– ] having a notched edge or sawlike teeth, especially for cutting.

Is it used only on screen doors? Serrated spline is used both on screen doors as well as window screens. There are many thicknesses depending on the frame channel size where the spline goes into. Another factor is the type of material being used. For example the fiberglass charcoal screening material is fairly thin and may require a slightly thicker spline then if you are attaching Pet Screen or Suntex 80 or 90 Solar Screen Material. These materials are very thick and strong too. Therefore having the right size is critical to your screening project. Reference you product guide or specifications direct from the manufacturer.

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