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Exploring the Various Types of Screen Doors: Finding the Perfect Fit for Your Home

Screen doors are an essential need to any home, offering protection from insects,a layer of security, and allows fresh air into the home. With a variety of types available, it can be challenging to choose the right one that meets your specific needs. This article delves into the diverse range of screen doors, highlighting the unique features and benefits of each category. Sometimes there are many different ways of calling screen doors depending on the area. Hinged Screen Doors, Magnetic Screen Doors, and Storm Doors are also available in the market. Below are the screen doors recommended by Best Custom Screens.

Sliding Screen Doors

Sliding Screen Doors are available to install onto typically sliding glass doors. They also can be installed in french doors and large openings as long as you add your own top channel and bottom track. Ideal for apartments and houses, these doors slide parallel to the glass doors, providing excellent ventilation without taking up additional space.

Comparison Image of the various qualities of sliding screen doors

They are perfect for homes with a backyard or patios and balcanies with an outdoor area, offering a practical way to access those areas. As well as an efficient way to let in fresh air while keeping out insects.

Swinging Screen Doors

Swinging Screen Doors are hinged on one side and open outward, adding a traditional charm to your home. These doors are highly customizable in terms of size and color, making them a versatile option for enhancing the front or back entryways of your home.

Swinger hinged screen doors
Swinger hinged screen doors

Each Swinging Screen Door includes all mounting hardware. Including; latch set, door closer, side channel, bottom channel and bug seal.  Before buying your swinging screen door, please review the how to measure and installation instructions pages especially watch the how to videos on this product.

French Screen Doors

Designed for double-door entrances, French Screen Doors are specially designed to fit perfectly with your existing French doors. They’re made to match the look and work well with what you already have. This means they won’t stick out or look odd in your home.

The Benefits of French Screen Doors

If you love how your French doors look and work, these screen doors will keep that same style and feel. Here’s how they do it.

Security Screen Doors

Security Screen Doors are designed with safety in mind. Made with stronger frames and reinforced mesh, these doors provide an extra layer of protection against intruders.

Sentry Security Screen Door for door openings

The primary feature of these doors is their robust construction. Made with high-strength materials, such as heavy-duty steel or aluminum, they are built to withstand forced entry attempts. The doors often come equipped with advanced locking systems, reinforcing their role as a reliable barrier against intruders.

Sliding Security Screen Doors

Combining the benefits of sliding doors and enhanced security features, Sliding Security Screen Doors are perfect for those who want the best of both worlds.

Keyed Security Sliding Screen Door

They are particularly suitable for sliding patio doors, providing robust protection while maintaining the ease and functionality of a sliding system. Includes keyed entry and turns sliding glass door into an entry point for the homeowner.

French Security Screen Doors

When it comes to enhancing your home’s security without compromising its elegance, French Security Screen Doors are an unbeatable choice. Designed specifically for homes with French door systems, these doors merge the classic charm of French doors with robust security features. Providing an ideal solution for homeowners who value both aesthetics and safety.

Sentry French Security Screen Doors available at Best Custom Screens

You can easily see the various aspects that make French Security Screen Doors a must-have for anyone who owns double doors.

Sliding Screen Door with Pet Door

For those who have pets, a Sliding Screen Door with a Pet Door is nothing short of a game-changer. This smart and innovative design is a big win for pet owners everywhere. It’s got a built-in pet door that lets your furry friends come and go as they please.

Sliding Screen Door with Doggy Door Pet Doors with Labrador

Here’s why this door is a fantastic addition to any pet-friendly home. Pets love freedom. With this door, they get just that. They can head outside whenever they want, without you having to open the door for them every time. It’s perfect for pets who love a bit of outdoor adventure or just need to step out for a while.Worrying about home security is a thing of the past with this door. It keeps your home safe and sound. You get to maintain a secure environment while your pets enjoy their freedom. It’s the best of both worlds.

Swinging Screen Door with Doggy Door

For pet owners looking for a blend of convenience and functionality, the Swinging Screen Door with a Doggy Door is an ideal choice. This unique combination of a traditional swinging screen door and a pet-friendly doggy door offers numerous benefits. Let’s explore why this door is a fantastic addition to any pet-loving household.

Pet Doors are now available on hinged screen doors that are swinging

The standout feature of this door is the built-in doggy door. It allows your pets to move in and out freely, giving them the independence they love. No more constant getting up to let your furry friend in or out. One of the biggest perks is keeping those annoying pests outside. The screen door does a great job of keeping flies, mosquitoes, and other insects out. Enjoy a pest-free home while your pets roam freely.

Final Words

Each of these screen door types offers distinct advantages, catering to different preferences and requirements. Whether you’re looking for a space-saving solution, enhanced security, pet-friendly options, or simply to add a stylish touch to your home, there’s a screen door out there to suit your needs. Remember, the right screen door not only improves the functionality of your home but also contributes to its overall aesthetic and value.

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