Types of Screen Doors

The Screen Door Review

A screen door is made of fine netting into a type of frame, which is installed on the outside of the main door of a house. It is widely used to get a protection from mosquitoes and pests. The most amazing thing about screen door is it still ensures full flow of airs while keeping all the insects outside of home.

Screen doors can be installed on any door type even if it’s a hinged or swinging door, French door or a sliding glass door. The quality and the durability of a screen door mostly depends on the frame quality
and mesh type of the door screens. Some screen door frames are made from Roll Formed steel and some are from extruded Aluminum or steel. The extruded aluminum or steel frames are way more sturdy than the roll
formed screen door.

Likewise the mesh type plays important role on the durability. The most common and widely used mesh type is Standard Fiberglass Screens, but the screen industry keeps innovating new types
of mesh to increase the visibility, durability, heat resistance capacity etc. Phifer is the leading manufacturer of screens who brings innovation and quality into the same point.

Without further delay let’s dive into world of different screen doors.

Most common types of screen doors

Sliding Screen Doors:

Sliding Screen DoorsThis screen door type is mostly used with the patio glass doors. One screen slider is installed in a two panel patio glass door to ensure pests and bugs are not coming inside the home even if the glass door is open. The most standard size sliding screen door is 36″ and 48″ width. But the good news is Best Custom Screens makes any size custom made sliding screen door. The best selling sliding screen doors are

Swinging Screen Doors:

Tahoe Tan Screen Door
Tahoe Swinging Screen Door with built in grille.

A swinging screen door is mostly installed in the front door, patio or back door where there is a main hinged or swinging door installed. Usually a swinging screen door opens to the outside if the main hinged door opens to inside and vice versa. Active Window Company is the leading manufacturer of swinging screen door in the US. Best Custom Screens ensures the fastest lead time and perfect fit swinging screen door to it’s customers and Ships all the top notch Active brand swinging screen doors nationwide. Most popular swinging screen doors are

Screen Door for French Doors:

The Benefits of French Screen Doors
Orders French Screen Doors Today!

This screen door type is specially made to install on French doors. Many people thinks there is no way to use a fly screen on the French door but Best Custom Screens has innovated the easiest way to put a fly screen on the French doors. Buy screen doors for French Doors from Best Custom Screen shop

Retractable Screen Doors:

woman exiting cool retractable screen
Retractable Screen Doors

Retractable screen door is the latest innovation of screen door door industry. It’s becoming the most popular screen for it’s versatile and stylish appearance. The most stylish and upscale retractable screen doors from Genius are

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