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Prevent unwanted walk-through damage to sliding screen doors caused by children, pets, or even adults with the screen door grill guard. Add a secure, physical layer to a sliding screen door.  Install Screen door protector grill to prevent animals or people from ripping the lower portion of the screen door.  

Screen Door Grill

Enhance the longevity of your screen door by adding a protective metal grill.

Screen door grill is the most effective way to protect screen doors from potential damage by children, pets or even adults. Usually, the screens are invisible and it damages most of the time due to running through them. Installing guards on the screen door can protect it from damage very frequently.

Refresh your home décor by adding different styles and colours. Bring a vintage look along with the classic and durable pet grilles. In addition, multiple colours are also available including black, white, tan, anodized, bronze etc. So, make your home look more beautiful and inviting while ensuring safety and stability.

Guaranteed Durability

The screen door pet grill is made of high quality metal and will last for years. They are usually made of high quality alumnium and steel to guarantee the best possible finish.

With a wide range of options to choose from, you can purchase the best screen door grilles for your sliding or swinging screen doors. As a result, you can protect standard screening from tearing & keeps pets and people from ripping the screens. Install a grill at your rental property for added aesthetic appeal to your sliding screen doors.

Protecto Grilles
Protecto Grilles

With this grill installed, your pets won’t scratch your screens or climb up them. They are mounted to the outside of the screen door using self-tapping screws or rivets for a more permanent attachment.

Models of Screen Door Grilles

The Apollo, Imperial, and Super Guard Grilles are competitively priced, easy to install, and have well-proven options to solve most dog and cat owners’ resolve their pet screen door problems.

Easy to Install Door Grills:

The protective grill of the screen door is easy to install and comes with detailed instructions. You simply need to drill holes into the frame of the door and then attach the grille using screws. Screen door grills are compatible with sliding screen doors, swinging screen doors and French screen doors.

Watch these videos regarding how to install a protective grill on a screen door


  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Durable construction
  • Low maintenance
  • High quality metal structure
  • Easy to install
  • Vintage decorative style

Additional Upgrade – Pet Screen

We also highly recommend upgrading your screen door with Pet Screen. This amazing Phifer specialized screening product is guaranteed by the manufacturer not to tear. If you choose Phifer Pet Screening and a Door Grille, you will get double the protection!

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