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Sliding Screen Doors

The Best Custom Screens Patio Sliding Screen Doors are designed as a replacement screen doors. There are many types of sliding screen doors to purchase online. Including fully assembled, assembled or screen door kits. Sold and shipped nationwide from California & Texas locations.

Super Duper Heavy Duty Sliding Screen Door

Super Duper Heavy Duty Sliding Screen Door

Patio Sliding Screen Doors include:

  1. Economy Sliding Screen Doors
  2. Classic Sliding Screen Doors
  3. Aluminum Sliding Screen Doors
  4. Rolled Form Sliding Screen Doors
  5. Quality Sliding Screen Doors
  6. Heavy Duty Sliding Screen Doors
  7. Doggy Door Mounted on a Heavy Duty Sliding Screen Door
  8. Fully Assembled Sliding Screen Doors
  9. Unassembled Sliding Screen Doors
  10. Screen Door Kits

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Frames – Get the best! Best design and durability with a high-quality frame profile. They are designed for small or large openings.  As well as commercial and other highly demanding uses.

Rollers – Ensure smooth operation with our innovative rollers.  Most importantly the adjustable roller system is available in both steel and nylon.

Handles – Add beauty and function with our ergonomic handles made with high-quality components that are built to inspire and perform.

Sealing – Prevent debris buildup with bug seal.  Also keep insects out with our vinyl sealing systems that provides a neat, clean sight line when installed.

Types of Sliding Screen Doors Review

Super Duper Heavy Duty Sliding Screen Door in Tan with pet door

Super Duper Heavy Duty Sliding Screen Door in Tan with pet door

If you live in the United States, chances are that you have a sliding screen door leading out to your deck or patio. You may even have one attached to your home’s main entrance. There are many reasons why replacement sliding screen doors are so popular. For one, they provide a clear view to the outdoors while allowing easy access to your backyard. They also allow you to move freely through them without having to open or close a traditional hinged door every time you go inside or outside the house.

What are the different types of sliding screen doors?

There are at least three different types of sliding screen doors available. First is a regular low cost sliding screen door, which we call the economy sliding screen door. Second is the quality sliding screen door that we call the Aluminum Sliding Screen Door.

Lastly is the best sliding screen doors and we call them the Heavy Duty Sliding Screen Doors. The EZ Slide Heavy Duty Sliding Screen Door, Super Duper Heavy Duty Sliding Screen Door, and Premier Sliding Screen Doors all fall under the heavy-duty category.

How do you choose the right one for your home?

It’s great for allowing the breeze to pass freely when you open your glass sliding door. The right way to choose your sliding screen door all depends on the individual and the lifestyle you live.

Asking the following questions will help you determine what type of screen door you may need and their solutions.

  • Do you want to replace your sliding screen door with the lowest cost?
    • Definitely buy the Economy Sliding Screen Door
  • How often do I open the sliding screen door and how many times a day do I enter and exit that door?
    • At the very least buy the Aluminum Sliding Screen Door or even a heavy duty sliding screen door.
  • Do I have pets? A big dog? Or a cat? Did my pet tear up or ben my screen door?
    • Highly recommend a heavy duty slider screen door and totally recommend upgrading the screening to Pet Screen.
  • Is my old sliding screen door bent?
    • EZ Slide, Super Duper, or Premier Sliding Screen Doors are the best solution replacement sliding screen doors for this problem
  • Did someone walk through my screen door?
    • Any of the heavy duty screens is the solution
  • Are the wheels frozen in place or whore out?
    • Heavy Duty Sliding Screen Doors come with the ball bearing rollers
  • Does my old screen door get stuck or doesn’t slide?
    • A new sliding screen door would work but be sure to adjust the wheels when installing.
    • Also use Alum-A-Lub to lubricate wheels and tracks.

Heavy Duty Sliding Screen Door

What are the extra features to look for when buying a sliding screen door?

Buyers should look for screen doors that are made of heavy-duty material to ensure durability. Most importantly the best rollers are critical. Check out the frame because it should be made of aluminum or other material that can support the weight of the door without bowing.

It’s also important to look at the door’s width and height and measuring accurately because customer measuring errors is the number problem when installing.

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