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Child Safe Cordless Blinds & Shades on at BCS

Why are cordless blinds safe for kids?

Window blinds & shades are safe for kids and certified best for kids! Complies with the new American National Standards Institute (ANSI) the most recent new window covering safety standards, effective on December 15, 2018. It requires that a vast majority of window covering products sold in the United States and Canada be cordless or have inaccessible or short cords. So go for cordless when you think about window blinds.


What is a Cordless Faux Wood Blind?

Faux wood blinds are made of composite PVC but looks like real wood blind and are moisture resistant. Most importantly, Cordless Faux Wood blinds are child safe blinds that has no exposed lift cords.

How do it operate?

A cordless blind has internal cords through the slat that wind up into the head rail. Raising the blinds is easy, by raising the bottom rail. As well as pulling the bottom rail for lowering the blind. Plus tilting the wand to rotate the blind slats.

Cordless Cellular Shades is an awesome child & pet safe product

Cordless Cellular Shades also known as cell shades or honeycomb shades, offer the perfect solution for apartment buildings and homes.

Do cellular shades insulate my windows?

These child safe shades helps with light control and are energy efficient. They keep the heat from entering during the spring and summer, as well as helps insulate homes during cold winters. It’s a great product for all seasons!

What other features do cellular shades have?

The top down bottom up feature is one of my favorite features that this shade offers, because you have the top portion lowered to allow light in plus see the sky and still have privacy. Bring modern beauty into your home with the Light Filtering Window Shades.

These shades offer privacy and an interior designer look at an affordable price. The light filtering single cell fabric lets in natural sunlight while providing full privacy. You’ll love the wonderful designer style of the cordless shades, plus with the


The Cordless Roller Shades is a child safe window covering product. Most importantly, its one of the safest shades in the marketplace. It offers an elegant, clean, classic, and modern look to any apartment unit or home.

Where can I install cordless roller shades?

As well as in offices, commercial buildings, and condos. For example when your project specifies the child safe cordless operation this is the right choice. The Child Safe Roller Shade is the right choice for you.

EZ Glide Vertical Blinds – with Contract Curved PVC Vanes

The Cordless EZ Glide Vertical Blinds is a child safe vertical blind that works great with the Self Aligning Track System. Durable self aligning track system with gear reduction end control and clear poly carbonate stem carriers ensures years of reliability.

Are vertical blinds only for apartments?

Great for rentals, apartments, homes, offices, commercial, and more. Vane realignment with one turn of the wand. Traverses very smoothly and vanes rotate 180 degrees.

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