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Quick fix a stuck vertical blind

Quick fix a stuck vertical blind

How do I fix my stuck vertical blind?

Steve shows vertical blinds how to fix or how to repair a vertical blind.

This day he was called out to an apartment building in Hollywood, that was originally completed by the company during new construction. Best Custom Screens installed all the blinds here. We found it odd that they would already have a problem with their vertical blinds on the patio doors.

So we went out and discovered that it was a common problem that happens out there. The vanes were crossed over, because the tenant had left the patio glass door open, when the blinds were closed. That is a big error, as this could have actually of damaged the blinds. Fortunately our team was there to take care of the problem and film this short video to help all of you out there. Our listeners are very important to us.

If there is another type of video you want to see, please let us know. Thank you.

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