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Rescreen instead of replacing a screen door or window screens

Rescreen instead of replacing a screen door or window

We observed some of our valued customers are replacing door and window screens too frequently. We tried to discover the reason of replacing screen doors and window screens to audit our production department and installation team, to see if there is anything we can do to help the life span of screens. 

Contacting many recurring customers of Best Custom Screens we discovered that most of them are replacing the whole door only for torn screen fabric. Thus we felt to come up with a solution for them. If the frame is not bend or still looks new you can go with replacing the screen fabric instead buying a new screen door.

Below are few steps to rescreen you door or window. Let’s go..

Clear away your old screen and spline.

Then spread the new screen on the floor and place the old frame on the screen.  Make sure the surface is clean. You can buy online new screens from

Then, with a kitchen knife cut the extra screen that comes out of the frame.

After cutting the screen bring it on the top of the frame to line up the spline from one corner.

Move the roller on the groove all the way round.

Cut the remaining spline once you reach the last corner where you started. To make the bond more strong  reroll the entire spline again.

After making sure the spline is set in the groove of the frame you cut the excess screen of with a utility knife

Reaching the last corner makes your work finished. You are done with the rescreening.

That’s the go through to rescreen your existing screen door. But please make sure you have all the tools to accomplish the order. The necessary tools you may need is kitchen knife, screw driver, screen roller.

Hope the article will help you saving a huge amount of money by letting you use the existing screen door. Best Custom Screens thrives serve it’s customer by not only selling but saving as well.

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