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Blog » Screening Material: Protection and Peace of Mind

Screening Material: Protection and Peace of Mind

What would you say if we told you that you could find connection with your neighbors? An open and airy indoor environment? Protection from the outside? A happy, healthy home, and all rolled up in a bundle small enough to carry under your arm?

It’s not some kind of miracle product, though it’s capable of some pretty miraculous things. Maybe it’s something we use every day, but often fail to appreciate just how important it is to our lives. It’s a roll of humble window and door screening from Best Custom Screens. Plus it provides protection and peace of mind, one linear foot at a time.

How often have you stood at an open window enjoying the sounds of nature? Then as a cool, fresh breeze blows through your hair? Did you worry about bugs flying in as you took in the world outside your home? Could your cat or dog sit happily by your side without fear that they might escape? Was the stale air in your home refreshed? We owe all of these things to window and door screening. A simple mesh that invites in everything we want from the outside while keeping everything else out.

It’s a happy home, available in rolls.

A Happy Home and Happier Pets

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You’re not the only one that enjoys the benefits of home screening. Your furred and feathered friends do, too. On a warm summer day, your cat will happily spend hours sitting in your windows. It be watching a world of wildlife buzz past them. Fido, too! Will avail himself of every opportunity to stand at the screen door. Especially smelling all of the wonders the outside world makes available.

They love to enjoy the outdoors, even when they can’t be outside, and with Best Custom Screens’s pet-safe screening material, you’ll love the fact that they can enjoy the great outdoors without the risk of rips or punctures.

Whether they’re enjoying the outside from indoors, or they’re waiting to come back in after an outdoor adventure, screening material from Best Custom Screens provides the connection they need.

Your kids will love them too

Your kids will benefit, too. Quality screening connects them to a world of imagination. You can let them explore castles, fight pirates, or take a trip into outer space from the comfort of your backyard, all the while staying connected and within earshot. You’ll hear that they’re okay even if you’re somewhere in the house where you can’t see them.

If your existing screens were manufactured using lower-quality materials, and they’re now shredded or full of holes, they can’t do the job they were made for. If they can’t keep out what you don’t want in, then you’re windows will stay closed, shutting you off from the world around you. A roll of quality replacement screening can reconnect you with what’s important.

All of this from a simple roll of window and door screening? If it comes from Best Custom Screens, absolutely.

Cut Screen Mesh Available By the Linear Foot

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