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Pet Door for Screen Door

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Pet Door for Sliding Screen Doors

Security Boss Pet Door for Sliding Screen Doors is a cat or dog door that can easily retrofit your existing screen door into a pet friendly part of the home. White or Bronze Color with Pet Screening. Most importantly it swings to open and closes tight with internal magnets.

Pet Freedom

Allows your pets to exit to do their business and return back into the home with relief. Give your pet the freedom to go outside when they need to.

Unlike rubber flaps this pet door has an unobstructed breathable swinging flap that isn’t intimidating to your pet. Why don’t you try pushing your head through a rubber flap to go out or come into your house? I think we would all have a problem with doing that.

Optional: Adding a brace bar at the top of the pet door across the width of the screen door.

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Best Pet Door for Screen Door by Security Boss

Certainly the Best Pet Door for Screen Door by Security Boss is designed for virtually all sliding screen doors. Firstly, the low profile frame allows for your sliding screen door to open and close with ease.

Secondly, without any obstruction with the sliding glass door like other old school pet doors can do.

Thirdly, the fully functional pet door swings open allowing your dog or cat to enter and exit your home with ease.

To clarify this pet door is installed on either side of the screen door. Similarly, at the left or right lower corner of the screen door frame. Certainly use a rolling tool with some spline to roll the screening into the frame.

Attention Animal Owners! Dog Lovers! Cat Lover! Your Pet Has to Have This!


Features & Benefits

  • Full Functional
  • Swings to Open & Close
  • Internal Magnets Helps to Keep Closed
  • Silent Closing Action
  • Low Profile Frame
  • Durable Texteline Pet Screening
  • Resistant to Scratching
  • Protective Barrier Against Insects
  • Pile Brush Weather Stripping
  • Internal Hinges

More Details

The pet friendly door features Textilene Pet Super Screen that is resistant to scratching tearing and general pet wear. However the swing door portion of the pet door is fixed on internal hinges and is lined with dense pile brush weather stripping.

Most importantly this protective barrier guards against any intrusion by bugs or flies. The door also has internal magnets that keep the swinging door in the closed position and provide for a silent closing action.



How to size your pet for doggy door

Compare your pet dog cat with size pet door

How to install a pet door on a sliding screen door Instructions

Step 1

Firstly, remove the host screen door from the sliding channel and lay on flat work surface. To clarfy the sliding screen doors are mounted on rollers. And the tension screws are usually located near these rollers.

They can be loosened to allow easy removal of your screen door. Some brands have the screen doors attached to rollers suspended from the top of the screen door channel.

There are screws along the interior top edge of the screen door and once these are loosened, the door will drop enough to lift out of the channel in the floor.Position Pet door on screen door

Step 2

Secondly, position the pet door on your screen door, spline grooves up. For example, most patio screen doors have the screen spline
groove to the exterior; the Pet screen door spline groove should be to the exterior as well.

The pet door must be mounted in the bottom corner. We recommend placing the pet door on the same side as your screen door handle location.

Arrange the two Mounting Flange parts to match the selected bottom corner with the longer piece to the height of the pet door. The wide flat surface of these parts with the pre-drilled holes will correspond to the spline grove side of the doors.corner flange

Step 3

Thirdly, attach the side mounting flange to the pet door first, align it up-to 1/16” past the bottom corner of the pet door. Slide the edge of the pet door completely into the flange opening.

Slide the bottom mounting flange onto the pet door aligning it to the edge of the side flange. Using the supplied drill bit, drill through the pre-drilled holes into the first layer of the pet screen door frame.

Be careful not to drill through the opposite side of the door. Using a screwdriver and 4 of the supplied ¼” screws, attach the flanges completely. Position the pet door on your screen door.Attach Side mounting flange to pet door first and mark horizontal screen cut location

Step 4

Fourthly, mark the horizontal screen cut location on the sliding screen door frame with a pencil. It is best to mark the cut location a 1/8″ in from the end of the H channel (Overlay flange) attached to the Pet screen door to allow enough screen material to roll into Pet Screen Door Spline groove. (Point A)Points A B & C mark

Step 5

Fifthly, make the same mark at the bottom corner of the overlay flange – bottom corner of your screen pet door; 1/8″ in from the end of the H channel. (Point B)

Step 6

In addition using a marker, draw a straight line on the screen from point A inward and Point B upward. Where they intersect is Point C.Attach Side mounting flange to pet door first and mark horizontal screen cut location

Step 7

Cut screen from Point A to Point C using a straight edge and utility knife.

Step 8

Cut screen from Point C to Point B using a straight edge utility knife. A Builder square may be helpful for this part of the installation.Trim screening only

Step 9

Cut (Do not pull screen away from spline) along the inside edge of your screen door to remove this section of screen. DO NOT CUT OR REMOVE SPLINE.

Step 10

Position the Security Boss screen pet door over the cut opening. Pet door should be firmly seated into the corner of your sliding screen door.Positiong the dog door over screen door

Step 11

Using the included bit, approximately 1″ in from the overlapping flange ends, drill and secure the pet door frame to your screen door and fasten with provided screws. Do not drill completely through your screen door frame.drill through flange

Step 12

Using the included roller tool and spline, start at Point A and attach the screen to the pet door frame moving towards Point Cuse rolling tool available at

Step 13

Repeat same process from Point C to Point B. Keep the screen taunt by applying constant pulling pressure to ensure a tight fit.splining making a tight fit

Final Step

Carefully trim any excess screen.trim excess

How to Mount Security Boss Pet Door for Sliding Screen Door Video

How to Mount the Screen Door Brace Bar

Screen Door Brace for pet door

  • Measure the distance between the vertical frames of the patio screen door the pet door is installed into. Measure the side that doesMeasure size brace needed
    not have the screen spline cord visible. This distance will be the length you will cut the Brace Bar to. Mark this distance on the Brace
Use a hack saw or miter saw
  • Cut the Brace bar with a hack saw. It is best to wrap the section of the Brace Bar you are cutting with clear tape to guard
    against accidentally scratching the paint with the hack saw. Test the fit of the brace bar between the patio screen frame rails. Re-cut if needed.Cut brace bar to size
  • Along the patio screen frame that is adjacent to the pet screen door, pry a small section (3/4”-1”) of screen spline from the raceway of the patio screen frame. Do this at the point the top edge of the Pet Screen door meets the patio screen frame. Repeat this step on opposite side of patio screen frame. Remove as little as possible.
  • brace bar retainer clipsInsert the brace bar retainer clips into the brace bar. Leave enough of the retainer clip out of the brace bar so it can clip onto the
    patio door screen frame raceway.
  • Position the brace bar horizontally above the pet door. The brace bar is normally installed on the same side of the screen fabric as
    the pet screen door resides.


Insert brace bar clip to frame

  • Insert one end of the brace bar with clip between the screen fabric and patio screen frame that has the screen spline loosened.
    You may need to flex the curved part of the Brace bar clip over the raceway. Repeat on the opposite side.push screen spline back in with roller
  • Push the screen spline back into the patio door raceway to secure the brace bar clips. Be sure to keep the Screen fabric snug as you are rolling the spline into the raceway



Finishing Touches


remove screen spline from top groove

  • Remove the screen spline that is securing the top of the Pet screen door (if previously installed).

clip metal retainers




  • Clip two metal retainers over the pet screen door raceway. One retainer must be positioned as close the unsupported pet screen door corner as possible. The other can be spaced along the raceway.metal retainer clips
  • Once the metal retainers are positioned on the raceway, side the brace bar down to within 1/16” of touching the pet screen door. The
    brace bar should be resting along the top edge of the pet door screen frame.
  • As well as between the screen fabric and tab of the metal retainer.
  • Push the screen spline back into the raceway on the Pet screen door
  • Be sure to keep the screen fabric snug as you are rolling the spline in to the raceway.
  • Using the drill bit and two screws provided pre drill holes into the brace bar through the holes in the metal retainer clip. Secure the retainer clips with the screws. SB4 Pet Screen Door
The Security Boss® Brace Bar will add support and rigidity to sliding screen doors

Above all it’s best for larger sized pet screen doors. For instance the normal position for the Brace Bar is along the top stationary frame of the pet door.

Certainly this will secure the 4th corner of the pet door and will support the pet door for use by large exuberant dogs. However the Brace Bar can be installed at the time of Pet Door Install or it can be added to doors already installed.

Other Installation Tips

  • Be sure that you have ordered the correct size door for your pet.
  • For long term use it is best to size the pet door so that the pivot point of the door is about 2 inches higher than your pet’s shoulders.
  • The resulting bottom of the opening should be a comfortable step over height.
  • Find a suitable area for your doggy door. Some models are available with an optional blocking panel that lifts out vertically.
  • Make sure there is adequate room for removal of this panel.
  • Typically the SB4 dog door is framed in using standard structural lanai extrusions to create a rough opening sized appropriately for
    the actual door dimensions.
More tips
  • The thickness of the Lanai extrusions cannot exceed 2” from interior to exterior. If you need to create an
    opening use the following rough-cut dimensions or trace the mounting flange of the pet door to determine the rough opening.
  • Make sure your opening is square and level.
  • Separate the Interior and exterior door frames.
  • Put the inner frame into the rough opening in the lanai framing.
  • Snap the outside frame into the inner frame from the opposite side of the opening and sleeve the two frames together.
  • Using the pre-drilled pilot holes and supplied drill bit, drill and insert one screw.
  • Make sure the door is level. When level, tighten the
    inserted screw. Affix remaining screws into place using the pilot holes as guides
  • Once the pet door is installed you can fill any gaps or seal the edges with caulking if desired.



Certainly visit the Terms and Conditions page. By purchasing from the Best Custom Screens website the Buyer agrees to all Terms of Sale and by using this website customer agrees to the Terms of Use.

Child Safety:

Security Boss Manufacturing, LLC, recommends that households with small children need to exercise proper judgment. Do not  leave children unattended in any area with a pet door. Pet Doors come with locking panels and locking devices. Using these devices minimizes any risk, but does not replace proper parental supervision.


During installation we recommend that any consumer that installs their own pet door wear eye protection and be familiar with the construction procedures and tools of installing a pet door.


Virtually all doors use magnets for the activation of the pet door as well as in the sealing of the flaps. Customers with certain medical devices, for example; On the other hand Pace Maker patients, should consult their physician.






Medium -7×9, Large -11×16, Extra Large -15×24, Tall Extra Large -14×27


White, Bronze


Security Boss

Security Boss Manufacturing

In La Crosse Wisconsin a company called Security Boss Manufacturing is an experienced leader in the dog door market. Their Innovative design and high quality products define their company as the premiere pet door manufacturer. The Pet doors they manufacture are designed with quality and the customer as their top priority. Each product fits a unique niche and is designed to be the very best product available. [embed][/embed]
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