Steel Roller with Metal Corner for Economy Sliding Screen Door


The steel roller with metal corner is a replacement part for the Economy Sliding Screen Door.  The sliding screen door will need to be disassembled in order to replace this part.  Requires a dead blow hammer and a rolling tool to replace.


The steel (metal) roller for the Economy Sliding Screen Door Replacement Part only comes together with the strong metal corner. Way better then other low cost imported sliding screen doors with plastic corners.  Best Customer Screens values quality over price, even in our Economy brand.

Steel Roller Replacement Instructions:

  1. Remove the spline on the side you are replacing. You do not need to remove the entire screen unless you are replacing all 4 corners.
  2. Gently pull back the screening material from the frame
  3. With a dead blow mallet remove the top or bottom frame you are working on.
  4. Remove the corner from the frame.
  5. Insert new Steel Roller into the corner
  6. Re-assembled frame to corners
  7. Attached screening material with spline using the Rolling Tool
Side profile of metal roller
Shows adjustment screw that raises and lowers the metal rollers
Back view of metal corner and roller


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