Window Screens 5/16″ x 3/4″ for Vinyl Windows

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Replacement Window Screens

Window Screens – Custom and replacement window screens for vinyl windows in apartments and homes, residential or commercial. Custom Window Screens sizes with plastic corners and fiberglass charcoal screening. Easy to cut down for handyman or a do it yourselfer. Best price online!


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36" Pet Screen


Replacement Window Screens 5/16″ x 3/4″ for Vinyl Windows

Measure & order your custom window screens today.

Follow our instructions on how to measure vinyl window screens. Plus you can easily order online today right here on our website! Most importantly, your order will ship and you will have your replacement window screen(s) delivered right to your door in one piece. Custom Screen have many options to choose from.  Including a 5/16″ x 3/4″ Frame. We sell many types of apartment window screens, but this product is the most popular because it’s specification is for vinyl windows.

When you place your online order, you have colors options available in including white, almond and bronze.  Custom cut sizing with standard plastic corners.  Fiberglass screening. Springs and pull tabs available upon request.

Do you go to Home Depot or Lowes to buy your replacement window screens?

If you have, then you have discovered that they expect you to make your own vinyl window screens with a window screen kit. Check out our low cost, custom window screen program that will save you money and head aches.

Custom window screens for apartments and homes, residential or commercial.

Screens for windows were originally developed in the mid 1800’s to help keep insects out of houses.  Window screens help to prevent diseases like malaria.  Disease carrying mosquitoes are blocked from entering the home, at the window by a mesh screen called the window screen.


replacement window screens
Order your window screens today!

Features & Benefits

  • Custom Sizing – made to your size
  • Made fully assembled
  • Durable Packaging System
  • Ready to install
  • Hardware included
  • Phifer Brand Fiberglass Mesh
  • EZ to Install
  • Measuring Tips & Tricks


  • Screening Fabric type: Fiberglass
  • Screening Fabric color:  Charcoal
  • Screen Frame Type:  5/16″ x 3/4″ Screen Frame

    5/16" X 3/4" Frame for window screens
    Side profile of 5/16″ frame
  • Frame Material: Aluminum
  • Frame color:  White, Bronze, and Almond
  • Spline Color:  Black
  • Corner Type:  Matching Plastic Corner
  • Hardware: See Below
  • Fully Assembled (Not a window screen kit)


  • Springs:  Slip In Tension Spring / Stainless Steel
    • None, Side, Top placement
  • Pull Tabs: Plastic – When springs are added, pull tabs will be placed the opposite side of the springs.


Screens comes completely assembled and packaged in the BCS best packaging system. Window screens ship in one piece right to your door.

Best of all these screens are assembled right here in the USA.

Nationwide shipping program

We will ship your window screens fully assembled via GLS, Fedex, Ground, Fedex Home Delivery or UPS depending on your area.  Please see Special Shipping Instructions and Disclaimer below on this page.

How to measure window screens

This video shows that we deduct 5/16″ from the width when measuring the inside of the window frame to allow for the tension springs on the side.

How to measure window screens
Watch this video on YouTube.
Shielding your windows and doors - Best Custom Screens

From property maintenance to the renovation

If you are an maintenance manager / technician or apartment manager and are tired of making your own window screens. Then you have come to the right company.  We have very competitive prices and nearly 30 years of experience serving the multifamily housing industry.

Self Defense

Why do people study self defense aka martial arts? It’s to defend themselves from someone attacking them. No matter what style of martial arts someone is being taught, the most common teaching is that you practice, and repetition creates muscle memory. You go over various blocks, kicks, punches, forms, sparring, matches, tournaments and put your body through a grueling amount of exercise. This is so in the event of a real attack; the martial artist will have a level head and muscle memory to rely on. A martial artist does not even think, because if you think then there is delay. Most importantly, the martial artist just reacts to the muscle memory in their body. The same goes for many objects in our lives. Things are just things, and they do the job they were made for.

The same goes for things in and outside of our home. Its obvious that Security Screens for doors and windows will protect your family form crazy people who want to hurt or rob you. But what about unseen things like disease, for example COVID. We all never would have thought that the pandemic would have made us think this way. But here we are today!

Window Screens plays a more important role against the virus

What? Why? What is this guy talking about? Is he crazy?

No, I am not crazy. For over a hundred and fifty years now window screens have been saving peoples lives from disease. Please read our article on the History of Mosquito Control.

Home Defense

Window Screens is like being a martial artist

  • Cleaning your window screens every time you clean your windows is like training or practicing
  • Replacing and buy new window screens once per year is like testing for your next belt level
  • Adding Solar Screens is like advancing to a Black Belt
  • Opening your windows during the pandemic is using your muscle memory to protect your family

Where people congregate inside, disease and viruses can become stagnant and grow in volume while people are in a dwelling. Window Screens allows people to open the windows to let out disease and viruses away from the inside of our homes. This is the number one reason why window screens saves lives! It’s crazy to think the before the early 1800’s many people died from disease because they were locked up with it inside.

Additional Benefits of Window Screens:

  • Debris, leaves, and some dirt is kept out
  • Helps keep rainwater away from the window, so it protects the glass
  • Keeps out flying insects and creepy crawling critters
  • Racoons and squirrels most likely will not come in
  • It keeps my cat inside
  • Provides suburb ventilation
  • Can regulate sunlight and heat, especially when using Phifer Sun Screen or Suntex materials.

The history of mosquito control and replacement window screens

Replacement window screens help reduce mosquito malaria.  Recently I have become very concerned with home owners and renters!  They have made a senseless decision to remove their windows screens from their homes or apartment building windows. Just to save a couple of bucks!  You may ask: why am I so concerned with this?  Let me state that custom window screens will facilitate in saving many lives!  Window screens serve as a crucial function!  Let me share a couple of things that I actually discovered in my analysis.  It all has to do with flying insects (primarily mosquitoes) and the diseases they carry…. read more

Additional information about window screens

Window Screens have Various types of frames available. It all depends on the window and the company that manufactured it.

Most Importantly there are many basic windows in home today. For example there are vinyl window frames, vinyl window frames, crank windows, single hung windows, double hung windows, slider windows, etc. This crazy list goes on and on.

Above all our company makes the majority of all common types of custom window screens in our factory and shop. Meanwhile, our website offers the most common window screen available at an affordable price. Similarly the colors of frames are the most common and will cover 95% of windows today.

Perfect Vinyl Window Screens

Therefore, when ordering from Best Custom Screens, you’ll be sure to get the perfect fit sliding window screen.  Measure in 1/16” increments to ensure an accurate measurement.   Above all Best Custom Screens window screens will fit properly and be made from the very best materials.

Screening products save lives

Today, window screens provide protection from the sun, because it protects our families from insects.  Most importantly, from mosquitoes that carry diseases like the West Nile or Zika virus.

Special Shipping Instructions:

Shipping prices for Assembled Sliding Screen Doors are for locations in California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Utah. Rural areas are defined by shipping companies and other states will be shipped Unassembled.

Consumer takes full responsibility for measurements and installation. We recommend that you use a handyman service to install. Best Custom Screens is not responsible for consumer measuring mistakes.. For better understanding on how to measure window screens please watch this video.

All Window Screens are Custom Made To Size, allow 10 to 15 business days production lead time.


Visit the Terms and Conditions page. By purchasing from the BCS website the Buyer agrees to all Terms of Sale and by using this website customer agrees to the Terms of Use.


Best Custom Screens

Best Custom Screens the company the shields your windows and doors, provides screens and blinds online. The Ecommerce site offers a wide selection of screening and window covering products.


Phifer Incorporate is the #1 brand & manufacturing company of insect screening and producer of high performing sun shading & exterior furniture fabrics. Plus, aluminum wire mesh products.
36" Pet Screen

Additional information

Weight10 lbs
Dimensions48 × 60 × 2 in



none, Side, Top

Pull Tabs -Plastic

Yes (bottom), Yes (side), No

Frame color

White, Bronze, Almond

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    Great quality, price and service i got from Best Custom Screens for my 8 window screens. Would recommend and use again. Thanks

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