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Sliding Screen Door Maintenance

  • Kaiyum 

Maintenance of Sliding Screen Doors

Sliding screen doors  are good looking and functional but very delicate or weak in terms of durability. Most of the time they don’t glide smoothly on the track and the screens become torn very often, the door track becomes full of debris and and dirt etc. All those reason make the sliding screen door less durable and unsteady.

Sliding screen door maintenance consists of few steps. They are more or less like the following..

  • Dusty and dirty screen. It makes the screen unsightly and stops the airflow. Removing the screen door is always a hassle. We can clean the screens even leaving them in place.
    Following few steps we can easily clean them.


    • Bump off the loose dusts using a dry rag.
    • Go over the window screen thoroughly with a soft brush vacuum cleaner.It’ll clean the firm dists.
    • Mix some dish soap in a bucket of warm water. 4 to 5 tbsp of dish soap should be enough to make a solution. For better result buy Screen Magic Window Screen Cleaner online. Take another
      bucket of plain war water to clean the rag which will be dirty during cleaning the screen.
    • Take a old T-shirt to use as a rag. Rinse the rag into the solution and wipe down the window
      screen several time. You can wipe the screen from both inside and outside of the screen.
  • Another common issue of sliding screen door is dirty track. Remove the debris, pet hair and dust from the track.
  • Sometimes the frame of the sliding screen door become bend as they are made of lightweight material.  To check if the frame is bowed remove the door from the track and lay it on a flat surface. If it looks
    bend then gently bend it to the opposite direction until it becomes straighten.
  • Also don’t forget to adjust the tension and lubricate the sliding screen door for a smooth go on the

Before completing this article I would like to show you how easily Screen Magic Window Screen Cleaner can clean your screens. Steve Tristan, Director of Operations, Best Custom Screens shows us how to clean a window screen using the Screen Magic Window Screen Cleaner. It’s easy to use and affordable.

Hope you enjoyed the video. This video will surely help you making your screen door and window screen clean.

Good Bye..

Get Your Sliding Screen Door Back on Track: Easy Steps for Cleaning and fixing sliding screen door track

Sliding screen doors are a great way to let fresh air into your home while keeping bugs and other unwanted visitors out. However, like any other part of your home, they require regular maintenance to keep them working properly. One of the most important parts of maintaining a sliding screen door is ensuring that the track is clean and free of debris.

If you find that your sliding screen door is not fitting properly, or if it is difficult to move along the track, it may be time to clean the track. Here are the steps you’ll need to follow to get your sliding screen door track back in working order

  • Remove the screen door from the track
    Before you can clean the track, you’ll need to remove the screen door from it. Most sliding screen doors can be lifted out of the track by tilting the bottom of the door towards you and pulling it up and out of the track.
  • Inspect the track for dirt, debris, and other materials
    Once you have removed the screen door, take a close look at the track to see if there is any dirt, debris, or other materials that may be blocking the door’s movement. Use a flashlight if necessary to get a good look at the track.
  • Use a brush or vacuum to clean the track thoroughly
    If you see any dirt or debris in the track, use a soft brush or vacuum to clean it out. Be sure to get all of the dirt and debris out of the track to ensure that the screen door can move smoothly.
  • Remove any stucco or other materials that may be causing the problem
    In some cases, the track may be blocked by stucco or other materials that have become lodged in the track. Use a small tool to gently remove any materials that may be causing the problem.
  • Re-install the screen door
    Once you have cleaned the track and removed any materials that may be causing the problem, it’s time to re-install the screen door. Simply lift the door up and place it back into the track, tilting it slightly to make sure it fits snugly.
  • Ensure the door fits snugly and moves smoothly
    Finally, test the screen door to make sure it fits snugly and moves smoothly along the track. If it still isn’t fitting properly, you may need to adjust the height of the track or replace the rollers on the door.

By following these steps, you’ll be able to keep your sliding screen door working properly and ensure that it provides you with years of use. And don’t forget to check out the helpful video by Steve Tristan, Director of Operations at Best Custom Screens, for a visual guide to fixing a sliding screen door track

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