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Learn How to read the Sliding Screen Door Size Chart

Is there a sliding screen door size that will fit my glass door? The Custom Sliding Screen Doors Chart provides explanation on which sliding screen door may fit your need. There are adjustable sliding screen doors that are usually imported from overseas. The multi fit or adjusting type patio screen door tends to fail because of faulty adjustment springs and screws. Don’t worry, we got you covered! All of our custom sliding screens door are custom made to size to fit your door perfectly. If you have a 30″, 36″ or 48″ width and even up to 60 inch width. Plus standard 77 to 80 inch heights are available in 1/16″ measuring upon request and the popular 8 foot sliding patio screens are available from 93″ to 96″. Either way this sizing chart is the right choice for you to make a logical decision on your purchase.

If there is a standard sliding screen door size, custom or average sliding screen door size, then the consumer would be able to understand what they are buying. The best way to explain sliding screen door size is that they are virtually all custom size sliding screen doors. Window and door manufacturers all have their own idea about size and manufacturing and even an 1/8 inch variance can make a different on sliding screen door measurements. This is why we offer the gorgeous sliding screen door chart. See below!

Sliding Screen Door Sizing Chart to help make your decision easier

PdF Format Size chart for sliding screen door sizes

Types of Sliding Screen Doors:

Sliding Screen Door Description

Sliding Screen Doors by Best Custom Screens are designed as a replacement for nearly all sliding glass doors.   The Economy Sliding Screen Door & Heavy Duty EZ Slide Patio Sliding Screen Doors are two the primary brands available.  They are very easy to install and operate. Buy online now and get the very best price for such an awesome product!

What is a sliding screen door?

Diagram of sliding screen door width x heightA sliding screen door is a movable screen that moves across a sliding glass door.  The sliding screen door has spring loaded wheels at the bottom and top frames and slides the track on the outer side of a sliding glass door.  Its rectangular shaped metal frame holds the screening mesh material in place with a spline that is pushed into a groove of the frame. The mesh is tightened when pushing the spline and screening into the groove with a roller tool.

The purpose of the sliding screen door is to keep out birds, flying insects or airborne debris such as leaves from entering the home.  It also helps with keeping pets and small children from exiting interior spaces, while allowing for fresh air, and sunlight to enter the home.

What is the price of a sliding screen door?

There are many types of sliding screen door in the market varying quality, specifications, sizes etc. Best Custom Screens is proud to provide a verity of sliding screen doors to customer for last 20 years. Check the sliding screen door size chart above to determine which quality of screen door you want to purchase.

The most common question we get from our customers is “How much are sliding screen doors?” which makes us kinda uncomfortable as the price of the patio sliding depends on the quality, specifications and sizes. But the heart balm is screen door prices are truly low cost or reasonable for what they serve us. The cost of sliding screen door ranges from $99 to $600.

But the heart balm is screen door prices are truly low cost or reasonable for what
they serve us. The cost of sliding screen door ranges from $99 to $600.

Another problem customers face usually is the measurement of the sliding screen door height. We have a complete guide on how to measure for a patio sliding screen door in our website. Moreover our 1 minute YouTube video will make you confident enough to take the sliding screen door measurement accurately.

Features of the sliding screen door

  • Frames for screen doors
    • Get the best in design and durability with a high-quality frame profile.
    • They are designed for small or large openings, including commercial and other highly demanding uses.
  • Rollers
    • Ensure smooth operation with our innovative, adjustable roller systems available in both steel and nylon.
  • Handles
    • Add beauty and function with our ergonomic handles made with high-quality components that are built to inspire and perform.
  • Sealing
    • Prevent debris buildup and keep insects out with our vinyl sealing systems that provides a neat, clean sight line when installed.

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The Ultimate Guide to Measuring Your Sliding Patio Screen Door
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How to measure patio sliding screen door

There are many videos in YouTube regarding measure for a replacement sliding screen door. You can only get the Best with the most experience of over 30 years in the industry. Steve Tristan, Professional Installer has been shooting screws for over 3 decades shares his knowledge and wisdom. He also very much believes in measuring twice and cut once.

In a recent YouTube video Steve and DIY Aidan explain in detail how to read a tape measure 1/16 inch at a time and how to reduce fractions to the lowest terms. Watch this video for a better understanding. Hope you’ll enjoy it.

What is a standard size sliding screen door

Sliding screen door standard size: Standard custom sliding screen doors generally come in width 36 inch and 48 inch. Best Custom Screens has 3 different standard sizes for width. 30″,36″ and 48″ width size screen doors are in the category of Economy Sliding Screen Door.

Sliding Screen Door Sizes do vary depending on the door manufacturer, so be sure to follow our instructions page. When screen door sizes vary, it typically the height that varies more. The frame height measurement needs to be measured with a good working tape measure. In order to get a precise within 1/8 inch increments for accurate screen door sizes sliding.

The most convenient thing is customers can still customize the heights whatever it comes. This product range stands out for its money saving character at the same time offers excellent quality. Roll Formed Painted steel, custom miter cut, reinforced extruded spur corners and the freedom of choosing different frame colors makes this product more versatile.

Customer can pick up either vinyl rollers or steel or metal rollers as well. The functioning ergonomic latch or handle add beauty to this product.

Added advantage is this sliding screen doors are universal. It can be placed either right or left to slide.

DIY Aidan

Top 3 Sliding Screen Door Brands

Economy Sliding Screen Doors by Best Custom Screens

Best Custom Screens offers some more mid range products which enable customers to customize the width as well. Classic Sliding Screen Door and Heavy Duty Sliding Screen door category provides the most durable quality.

Classic Sliding Screen Door is the mid range product category of Best Custom Screens. This product is best for the people who lives in coastal area. The extruded aluminum frame, makes this product great around salt air environments. The Aluminum Sliding Screen Door rides smoothly
across the bottom track for many years to come. This can be the best exterior door for beach house.

Classic Sliding Screen Doors

Heavy Duty Sliding Screen Door: EZ Slide Heavy Duty Screen Door comes first when customers feel the need for a sturdy screen door. This particular screen door quality is incredible and magnificent when compared to other sliding screen door category. Its featured with extruded aluminum frame, metal locking latch and stainless ball bearing rollers. High quality stainless steel rollers ensures smooth gliding for years to come.

Heavy Duty Sliding Screen Door

Adjustable Height Patio Sliding Screen Door:

A standard patio screen door is 96 inch’s tall. But most of the time the height of the patio varies upon patio, home design. Best Custom Screens makes things easier for its customers. From now there will be no confusion on measuring the height of the screen door. BCS introduces patio screen door that can be adjusted up to 4 inch’s.

Aluminium frames

Aluminium sliding screen doors are generally constructed by two types of screen door frame.  The rollform or extruded frames. In both cases the rectangular rollform or extruded shapes are mitered and joined together into a door frame using interior plastic or metal corners.

Rollforming Screen Frames

Rollforming screen frames is a process that starts with thin metal (aluminum or steel) sheets into a rectangular shaped door frame which incorporates a screen channel to hold the window screen material.  This method of manufacturing screen door frames is the least expensive way to form a relatively strong rectangular shape.


The extruded aluminum frames are made from thicker aluminum than rollformed screen door frames. This makes an extruded aluminum door much stronger but also more expensive. Extruded aluminum screen door frames can be mitered and joined with aluminum alloy corners.

Extruded aluminum screen doors are generally longer lasting than rollformed screen doors.

Extrusion is a process used to create objects of a shaped profile. A material is pushed through a die of the desired shape.

Sliding Screen Door Installation

We are providing installation service to our customers so they can avoid the hassle of taking measurement and installation. Repair service is also available. Please place an order for either measurement, installation and repair service.

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