Sliding Screens Saved My Job!

Sliding Screens Saved My Job

Sliding screens saved my job and here is how!

Mosquitoes have reached such an alarming level in my home city of Bangladesh that all methods to annihilate the tiny terrors seemed to fail. The intensity of mosquito infestation has increased over the last couple of weeks and it was difficult to sit calmly at home.

Being a freelancer, I work from home and serve a company based in California. It’s very important to ensure a good work environment in order to be productive and up to the mark. But mosquitoes and other summer bugs are terribly distracting making it hard to concentrate. Repellents such as aerosols and coils make people very nauseous. Breathing in the smoke is worse than mosquito bites when it comes to our health. City dwellers have been advised to use nets on a regular basis.

I got the solution after visiting my cousin last week; noticing his sliding screen doors and windows which protected him from mosquitoes and bugs. I decided immediately to use sliding screen doors and windows in my room.

Now it’s been three days in my newly renovated room and it feels like working has become so much easier than ever before. I can work without any disturbance or discomfort. I highly recommend everyone invest in quality screens. It has transformed my home life and productivity!

The funniest thing happened when I shared this with my boss. He noticed my productivity level and admitted my productivity level had increased. After sharing my screen door story with him he literally offered me an Unassembled Sliding Screen Door.  He said that that type of special package can be shipped all over the world with a very cheap shipping cost. In fact, he runs a business that sells screen doors and windows at www.bestcustomscreens.com.

Sliding screens saved my job! It can save you too.

– Kaiyum (from Bangladesh)

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