Spokesperson Isa Tristan sings Separate Ways by Journey

Spokesperson Isa Tristan sings Separate Ways by Journey

Spokesperson Isa Tristan sings Separate Ways by Journey!  First of all, we are so very pleased to show you, our customers this video of our spokesperson Isa Tristan!

Isa sings Separate Ways a well known Journey hit.  Especially relevant she was at Little Tokyo where they have karaoke every weekend. It states on her Youtube video that she was waiting to have dinner with her family at Shabu Shabu, a well known Japanese hot pot restaurant.

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Big voice

In addition, we we’re all very surprised and amazed of the big wonderful voice she has.  That wonderful harmony comes out of such a little person.  Isa stands a approximately 5 feet.  Yet she carries herself with confidence and humility!  She should be 7 foot tall with that voice!!! Wow!

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Most noteworthy, last summer Isa starred in our how to videos that are shared on our website and Youtube channel.  So, you too can learn how to measure a patio sliding screen door, install an economy sliding screen door at a patio sliding glass door, and learn how to assemble the un-assembled economy sliding screen door that is available on this site.  Therefore, videos can be viewed on our website and on our Youtube channel at https://www.youtube.com/user/Tristanvideos1000

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  1. I was there that day! I heard her. Was having dinner and we came outside because wow that was an amazing performance. Cant wait to see that girl become famous.

    1. jtblinds@gmail.com

      Thank you! that is very nice of you to say and the fact that you were there. That is really cool! I bet the performance live was even better then the video.

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