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Blog » Spring is the season for Screens!

Spring is the season for Screens!

  • Kaiyum 

Spring is the season for Screens! 

Today is the first day of spring in the year 3/20/2021. Steve Tristan in Columbus Ohio shares his thoughts on spring time and how beautiful it is outside. It’s time to start that spring cleaning and get some new window screens, screen doors, and blinds.

All the flowers are blooming, the bees are buzzing, and the eggs are hatching this spring.

The amount of rain this year brought California out of drought.  The state had been in a serious drought since 2011.   snow packed Mountains, as well as the lakes, rivers and reservoirs are flowing massive amounts of water.

In addition, California wildflowers are in super bloom, including the well know poppy because of the increased amount of rain.  Golden poppies have started blanketing the Antelope Valley, near our shop in Acton.

Spring is a beautiful season, rain is needed to sustain life, and wildflowers is one of God’s many gifts to us all.  In the mist of all wonderfulness, there is a silent predator out there waiting to be born.  We can expect a vicious mosquito season to arrive early.  The most notorious of these pests is the ankle biter mosquito. This mosquito also known as the Aedes Mosquito, will find its way on your legs as you are walking across a field or even on the side walk.  Originally from Africa, this mosquito has migrated around the world from Africa and now is found throughout Southern California.  Why is the Aedes “Ankle Biting” Mosquito so unique compared to other mosquitoes?  It bites during the day!

There has been a total of three new Aedes species that are continuing to extend their ranges.  People have not built a high immunity to these types of invader bites and posts on social media exploded last year.   This year, the social media feeds will explode even further this year.

So now it’s time to add another task in your to-do list and that is to clean, replace or repair window screens.

Window screens are exposed to wind, rain, sun, snow, pollen, and insects all over the year. Cleaning window screens and doors seems to be boring always but cleaning them in the Spring season lets you to relax during the summer and enjoy the summer breeze without worrying about any bugs or other unpleasant insects. You can even check around your window frames to see if the seals and mesh is all right. Usually cold weather distorts the seals and rubbers.

Now it’s time to go over the process of cleaning window screens.

Gather right tools and materials prior to begin spring cleaning. a towel, scrubbing brush, garden hose, drop cloth, rubber gloves, a bucket, and cleaning solution.

  • Remove the screens and lay down on a flat surface so the frames don’t get bend. Also make sure you are doing this on a sunny day because screen need to dry after cleaning them.
  • Secondly rinse water with a garden hose nozzle thoroughly to remove all dust, dirt’s and debris.
  • Dip your scrubber in the solution [you can make it with ammonia and warm water] or even use Screen Magic Window Screen Cleaner.
  • Go through the screen with the scrubber gently so the mesh is not harmed. Make sure you do it from both the surface of the screen.
  • Give the screen a last rinse and examine if any areas you have missed out. If any missing areas detected clean them instantly.

Now wipe the whole screen with a towel and place them vertically so it can dry in sun. After drying it install the screen carefully and enjoy bug-free Spring and Summer.

Watch Steve Tristan at Bicentennial Park in Ohio Columbus

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