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Blog » Glass Build 2016 window industry show

Glass Build 2016 window industry show

Glass Build 2016 window industry show  – We had a swinging good time at Glass Build 2016!

We made our reservations for most of our staff to attend the Glass Build America industry show.  The show specializes in glass, windows and doors.  All of a sudden there was a heavy workload during our off season.  So, we could only take a few of people for a quick turnaround flight.  We have no complaints about having business growth and It’s all good, bring it on!

In past times when I attended the show, I found that it’s a great show to meet new people and network within the industry.  I have also found that it’s an awesome environment to train employees, to work with vendors, and find ideas in manufacturing as well.  We do not manufacture windows and doors.  We primarily make window screens and sliding screen doors for the overall housing industry and the end user.  The machinery, supplies, and products is by far one of the best shows that a purchasing manager and director of operations of a screening business can attend.

Okay, so we flew out LAX late, the night before the show opened.

I worked on my laptop in the airport and on the plane.  Checked into our hotel at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino and was told that there weren’t any standard rooms available, so they had to upgrade us to a HRH Suite.  Hoo Hoo!!!

We did a little gambling that night, until 2 in the morning!  Slept a few hours, went for morning jog, had some breakfast and went off to the Las Vegas Convention Center to go to the show.

We walked into the show and the newbie in our small group was very impressed with the size of the show.  He stated that he was mesmerized and wow it’s huge.  He especially appreciated the large manufacturing machinery with robotic arms, computers, and huge clamps.

We spent the entire day at the show visiting with various manufacturers from around the country and abroad.

We recorded a few segments of video of our favorite products and booths we visited.  Product videos includes The Guarda Security Screen Doors and Security Window Screens, Viewguard Security Screen Door, Security Sliding Screen Doors, Roll Away Retractable Screen Doors, Roll Away Retractable Window Screens and Sliding Screen Doors from Quanex Window Products.  We also created a cool segment outlining our visit to the industry booths.  Please check it out!

Keep in mind that most of the booths only deal in glass and we only offer screening products, which is a small segment of the shows industry.  Many of the booths we visited, assisted us in learning about new products and technologies.

Apparently, the final attendance was around 9,000 attendees over 3 days.  Impressive.  We could only stay the one day, due to the stacks of work we left back at the office.  That evening we jumped back on our return flight home.  We were back to work the next day and completely satisfied with the time we spent at the show.

There’s no doubt that Glass Build America 2016 is a winner.   We’ll see you in 2017.

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