Mosquito hand

Mosquitoes drive me crazy!

I am really getting tired of getting bit by mosquitoes.  I currently have 5 bites on my right arm, 6 on my left arm, several on each hand, one which is on my ring finger and it’s very irritated from my wedding ring.  It also drives me crazy when I see that the darn mosquito bit right on my vein on my hand. Ugh! Also I have at least a dozen bites on my legs and more on my feet.  This really sucks!Read More »Mosquitos are making me crazy!

Mosquitos are making me crazy!

Mosquito bite

Zika Virus – found in United States!

Zika Virus Warning and window screens!  Quality window screens and sliding screen doors on windows help prevent the spread of the Zika Virus!  This disease, discovered in the Zika forest in Uganda several decades ago. Is not just a problem in Africa and Asia, but throughout the world.  Also, it’s now found in the Western Hemisphere! This includes in the United States.  Pregnant women need to be cautious because the virus can cause Microcephaly!  This severe developmental disorder disrupts the growth of an infant’s brain giving them an abnormally small head!!Read More »Zika Virus – found in United States

Zika Virus – found in United States

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