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How do I improve the air in my home?

In very subconscious mind we often think that outdoor air pollution can impact our health. Outside weather, the ground, waterways come first into our mind when we think about pollution. But indoor air pollution cause severe and significant health hazard. Indoor air pollution level is two to five time – sometimes hundred times higher. A survey shown that most people spend almost 90% of their time indoors.Read More »Improving Indoor air quality.

Improving Indoor air quality.

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Los Angeles County West Nile Virus

Within the last year, Los Angeles County has seen a rise in West Nile Virus cases with over 200 being reported and leading to the death of 17 individuals. In a recent report for the Los Angeles Times, L.A. County is the 3rd highest in West Nile Virus cases with that number expected to increase. Record high fall temperatures are contributing to the rise in cases as warmer weather helps the virus to spread in a much rapid rate.Read More »Los Angeles County West Nile Virus

Los Angeles County West Nile Virus

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Tim Allen Vlog!

Tim Allen video blog!  First of all, I am so very excited!  I was star struck today!  My daughter and I met and had a brief conversation with Tim Allen.  You know Buzz Lightyear! Santa Claus!  Home Improvement!  Or Last Man Standing, Tim Allen!  Now let me tell you something… I am not one of those people who has ever been star struck!  I’ve lived in the heart of LA’s San Fernando Valley all of my life.  Born and raised!  I have met many entertainment industry people before and have even done work in the homes of many movie stars throughout the years with our businesses JT Blinds and Best Custom Screens.Read More »Tim Allen Video Blog!

Tim Allen Video Blog!

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