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pet screening

pet screening

pet screening

Cane Corso's with customer Bryan

I received a telephone call today from a very happy customer named Bryan. He told me that he was very pleased with the quality and durability of the Super Duper Heavy Duty Sliding Screen Doors. Especially because his Cane Corso Dogs beat the heck out of the other screen doors he had. He also said that he can tell that the dogs aren’t going to be able to beat these screen doors up and that they’re strong as a tank. Maybe not a tank but I got what he was saying and that he was using it as an extreme example.  

Big breed dogs – Italian Cane Corso

Wildlife enthusiast

Lion is fed by Juanita Tristan

Juanita Tristan, one of the companies founders, fed a Lion at the Lion Habitat Ranch in Las Vegas, NV. This was an amazing experience for her! She loves animals so much and says that feeding the lion was exhilarating. As she went to feed the male lion, he roared with a sound that was deafening. It echoed all throughout the habitat and into the ears of all those who were near. Given that Juanita was so close to the lion, she felt his roar all throughout her body, even down to her bones. It resonated so well with her that she will never forget the experience and wishes to feed the lion again.

Continue reading to watch the video of the Lion being fed.

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Company founder feeds Lion in Las Vegas

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