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Tim Allen Video Blog!

Tim Allen Vlog!

Tim Allen video blog!  First of all, I am so very excited!  I was star struck today!  My daughter and I met and had a brief conversation with Tim Allen.  You know Buzz Lightyear! Santa Claus!  Home Improvement!  Or Last Man Standing, Tim Allen!  Now let me tell you something… I am not one of those people who has ever been star struck!  I’ve lived in the heart of LA’s San Fernando Valley all of my life.  Born and raised!  I have met many entertainment industry people before and have even done work in the homes of many movie stars throughout the years with our businesses JT Blinds and Best Custom Screens.

What happened?

Okay so this is what happened.  My daughter Mia and I were having lunch at a Denny’s.  We were discussing how our company needs to start a vlog, the same way Tim Allen does on the Last Man Standing TV Show.  On the video blog, Tim Allen’s character Mike displays a hilarious way of promoting a business while using his own life experiences to express his very angry opinions.  We were considering if the vlog should be something I would do myself, or if we should hire an actor to do it.  I then took a telephone call from the office with Marci, our office manager.  While on the phone with her I totally stopped mid sentence and couldn’t speak to her.  I couldn’t say anything!  Why?

Realizing I was star struck

Ironically, I looked up and Tim Allen had just sat down at a table behind Mia.  Don’t know if it was the fact that we were just talking about him or what, but I was totally star struck and couldn’t concentrate on my conversation.  Then, I noticed that Tim had saw my reaction while on the phone and he looked directly at me several times and kind of stared.  It made me a little bit uncomfortable, but I think he was trying to figure out what the hell was wrong with me.  Lol.  I then explained to Marci that I needed to hang up now and that I would call in later.  Mia kept looking at me asking “Are you okay?”

I looked at Mia and said “You know what’s interesting?  We were just talking about Last Man Standing and the Vlog and TIM ALLEN is sitting right behind you!”  At first, she thought I was kidding or playing a joke on her.  She was afraid to turn around because I told her she shouldn’t be obvious.

The entire time there I kept trying my hardest not to look his direction while my heart was pounding and blood was pumping through my veins.  I was profusely sweating and I just couldn’t come to terms that I actually, completely was acting like a school girl.

Other times when I have seen Stars in restaurants or in public, I leave them alone and let them enjoy their meal.  This time, what was I to do?  Since the exchange of looks I didn’t want to look too obvious.

Meal was done

We were done with our meal and it was time to get up.  Then, I totally had to go up to him and his lunch mate and explain what just happened.  I just had to tell them!  We walked towards their table and I said “Excuse me gentlemen, I’m sorry to interrupt.  Just wanted to let you know that we were just talking about the Vlog Tim Allen does on the Last Man Standing show and that we should do a Video Blog for our company, also, to promote our business more online.  It’s ironic that not even 1 minute later I look up and see you sitting here in the restaurant.  It took me by surprise.  My name is Steve and this is my daughter Mia.”  Tim replied “ Hi Mia how are you?  Very nice to meet you both”  Mia replied “Nice to meet you sir” with a little Tae Kwon Do bow.  I then replied, “Thank you.  I hope you enjoy your lunch. Take care, bye!”

Need advice

We all would like to think that things always happen for a reason.  I believe in the signs that God sends us to guide us in a specific direction to better serve him and do his will.  Should I write a similar Tim Allen Video Blog or create an entirely new concept?  At this moment, my plan is to create a marketing plan to promote our companies with a video blog very similarly to the way Tim Allen does as Mike on the show Last Man Standing.  Our products are related between the Sporting Goods and the Home Improvement show he relates to.  Well they are both very masculine which interests me.  We are going to offer the public entertainment while offering our products and services.  Should I be opinionated and mad just like Mike on the show?  Well it is not our intention to copy their character in any way.  It’s going to be myself of another who is the personality on the blog.  Does anyone have any ideas or topics they think our company would do really well at sharing?   Please post any comments and request on this page.

That’s it!  We walked away super excited and pumped to start our new Video Blog aka Vlog!!!

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