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Blog » Why I Changed Our YouTube Channel Name from “Best Custom Screens” to “Steve Tristan’s Best”

Why I Changed Our YouTube Channel Name from “Best Custom Screens” to “Steve Tristan’s Best”

We’ve been using the same name since 2013, when we started making videos. It was a great way to introduce ourselves to people all over the world, and we were very happy with how things went. Especially because we were able to provide videos on how to install and measure our screening and blinds products. Changing our YouTube Channel from Best Custom Screens to Steve Tristan’s Best is a smart move because we are able to diversify and expand.

We have grown and matured into something greater than before.  It’s more than a company channel now! It was strictly how to videos on measuring and installing screens. The channel will continue to upload awesome videos. We have now started making videos on a greater variety of topics all related to the housing industry, handyman services and DIY. 

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Steve Tristans Best YouTube Page Like and Subscribe 1
Steve Tristans Best YouTube Page Like and Subscribe 1

The new channel name will help us attract more viewers.

We hope that by giving our channel a new name, we’ll be able to reach a larger audience. And we think that having a different name will also make it easier for people who aren’t familiar with our brand to find us. Helping and training people is our true passion.

Steve Tristan has personally been teaching and training people now for over 30 years. He has not only trained people how to install the companies products, but he has also expanded the training into being a mentor and personal coach to young adults wanting to launch their career or start their own business. He uses a combination of training through the Tony Robbins network and especially the Bible. Specifically Proverbs on how business is supposed to truly be run. Serve others first and God will provide.

The New Channel will help us create a new more personal brand

Creating a personal brand in Steve Tristan is very important because it allows the viewer to know the person behind the company and the YouTube channel. Steve Tristan is very transparent and a complete open book. He says things how it is. He speaks truth and doesn’t worry about what the public might think of his views. What are those views? Well you’re just going to have to watch the videos on the channel. 

In addition, people like people. Not companies or corporations. Companies nowadays have a bad rap because of social media and the stigma that the man is out to get people.  Knowing an individual goes right to the core of who we are as human beings. God made us in the image and likeness of himself. We like to see other people because deep down somewhere inside we know that God can be in all of us. 

Building a personal brand is important to Steve Tristan because it helps him to diversify and compile  all his projects into one channel. Having his name on it means that he has to live up to a higher standard for himself. A standard of living as a faithfull traditional Catholic that extends to all his projects and businesses. 

DIY Aidan & Steve Tristans Best YouTube How To Videos
DIY Aidan & Steve Tristans Best YouTube How To Videos

The new name will allow us to create more videos with different themes.

In addition to changing our name, we’re going to start creating more videos focused on topics other than just how to install screens and blinds. These videos will help a more expanded audience learn how to do projects around the house. 

The Playlists include How to Videos but also now offers Handyman and construction Network, tool reviews, handyman gadgets, trade show and industry news, plus How to videos for teens by DIY Aidan, Marketing a service business and much more.

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