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Why Home improvement stores don’t have my Size Sliding Screen Door?

Why Home improvement stores don’t have my Size Sliding Screen Door?

Have you ever gone to buy something from a big box home improvement store? Like The Home Depot or Lowe’s Home Improvement? And found yourself looking for the sliding screen door size only to leave empty handed? You tried their online store, but their products don’t fit your door. Or you ran into this problem in person at the store and wondered why they didn’t carry the size you needed. I know the problem because I’ve had this happen to me.

But I also know that they have options. Here is how you can get the necessary screen doors in your house so you’re not stuck with a sliding screen door that can’t fit.

Why home depot or Lowes doesn’t have my sliding screen door size?

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Steve asks this question. If 36 x 94 Sliding Screen Doors across the USA are available in home improvement stores? Especially at both Home Depot and Lowes Home Improvement. Join him on his little adventure of driving over to the big orange and blue home improvement stores. As he discovers the answer to this question.
He goes into the store with the intent to learn more about which sizes the stores carry in stock. He explains his experience and what he learned. Including an answer to the main question if the big home improvement stores carry screens for an 8 foot patio glass door. The short answer is NO! They do not carry at either of the stores.

Home Depot Experience:

You can purchase the 8 foot heavy duty sliding screen door at Home Depot for $816.00. Plus the lead time is 8 to 10 weeks.  They did have inventory of the smaller standard adjustable sliding screen doors where the height ranges from 77 5/8″ up to 80″.  The team member at this store location was very helpful and well informed. Overall he did a good job.
Keep in mind the adjustable frames are thinner metal then most other screen doors. Also the adjuster on them tend to fail by falling onto the track on one side. Then they bind and people generally get frustrated then eventually purchasing a better quality customer product. 

Lowe’s Home Improvement Experience:

Inquired about if Lowes has an 8 foot sliding screen door in stock? Steve was directed to the shelf where their inventory was supposed to be. The rack was completely empty for the exception of the damaged ones that were left over. Lowes was out of stock of their standard height adjustable sliding screen doors. He mentions that he is sure that they are out of stock because of material shortage. Especially because all the aluminum suppliers in the industry are behind due to craziness of the past two years of the pandemic.
Mr Tristan then proceeds to find someone who can help him to get a quote for the 36 x 96 slider screen. He finally finds someone who can help him. He asked if she could give him a quote on the size and he even inquired about the inventory not being in stock. She said that they ordered a long time ago and they are still waiting for them to come in. Secondly, she didn’t know how to get him a quote for the custom size he needed. Then directed him to the website to order it. Steve said “I looked at the site and they do not carry and you cannot purchase a custom 8 foot sliding screen door.”
The conversation continued and he found out that the lead time was more that 5 weeks, possibly 8 to 10 weeks just like Home Depot. She couldn’t give a definite answer on lead time.

Where can I buy a 8 foot sliding screen door?

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