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Blog » Window Coverings Are NOT Supposed To Be Dangerous!

Window Coverings Are NOT Supposed To Be Dangerous!

Window Coverings Are NOT Supposed To Be Dangerous!

However, many Window Coverings are.

Window coverings were primarily designed to be a benefit to a household’s living conditions! They create privacy, block heat, and even are used as an aesthetic addition to the look of one’s home.

So, they were not meant to be a danger to children and pets! Even so, many window treatments were once manufactured to include a cord or chain loop. These materials have become a hazard that can potentially cause a nightmare scenario.

In fact, corded window coverings are one of the top 5 hidden dangers in American homes. In fact, children have unfortunately died from cord loop strangulation.

Eliminating The Danger.

At Best Custom Screens, we recognize this threat and have taken steps to eliminate cord loops in window covering products.

The first option wo

uld be our cord safety

kit that will give you all of the tools necessary to retrofit your 2” Faux-wood & Wood Blind (Profile headrail only) into a child safe operating window covering.

The second option would be to allow us to retrofit your window covering treatment for you at our shop. If using a safety kit is too much work, allow us to do it for you and we will fix your blind so that it is child-proof and safe for your household.

The third and final solution is to buy cordless window covering treatments. We now carry Cordless 2” Faux-wood blinds, Cordless Cell Shades, & Cordless Wand Vertical Blinds that are completely free of string or chain controls. Also, these products will eliminate all of your concerns about window covering hazards.

At Best Custom Screens, we want to ensure that your window coverings are not a danger to your family. Call us today and let us help you make your home a more child safe place.

Keep your children safe today! For more information check out the Consumer Product Safety Commission website at , Safe Kids Worldwide at , or Window Covering Safety Council at .

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