Learn how to measure window screens. The DIY way to accurately get screen measurements for windows.

If your existing window screens have at least one side of the width and of the height not bent. Then you can easily measure your replacement screen by measuring the existing window screen.

Measure and write down the width by length.  Verify which type of window you have and determine the thickness of screen frame you need.

Determine if you need tension springs and or pull tabs. Also determine if you need them installed on the side or top / bottom.  Pull tabs generally go on the opposite side of the springs. Some window screen have only pull tabs and no tension springs.

Most noteworthy, keep note that in many homes the window screens sizes will vary from window to window

Types of windows

There are many types of windows and the materials used to manufacture windows. Materials used include vinyl, aluminum, wood, fiberglass, and composite. These material variables have a wide variance of window screen frame thicknesses. Overall there are three basic screen frame sizes that will be in 90% of the windows in the United States. These sizes are; 5/16″, 3/8″, and 7/16″ frames.

How do I determine which screen frame thickness to use?

On the website our window screen products include a description which explains if that type of window it can be installed into.

  • 5/16″ Frame – Vinyl Windows
  • 3/8″ Frame – Aluminum Windows
  • 7/16″ Frame – Wood Framed Windows “Jiffy hangers are needed to install.”

Measuring for window screens can be confusing. Hopefully this list will help you under the various types of windows and how to measure for your window screens.

There are two ways to get a proper measurement.

  • The first is when you have the old screen available.
  • The second is measuring the window frame channel, which may require additional knowledge. Especially on how to read a tape measure.

How to measure a window screen on a horizontal slider window

How to measure window screens
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Steve also explains the challenges people can face when measuring and ordering window screens. A lot of time when you have these window screens and you measure them, you know you might measure it and sometimes it may not fit. You may have to trim it down.

Be advised when you are with measuring window screens not everyone is an expert even the experts. Therefore you will need a chop saw or a hack saw to trim your frames and also the rolling tool to rescreen the screening back into the frame. If you are planning on doing window screens yourself, make sure that you have those tools available and you can do that. Don’t expect to order a window screen and have it fit all the time. Just because if you measure you measure correctly, for some reason, sometimes they just don’t fit.

How to measure window screens on a single hung or double hung window


Learn how to clean your window screens using the Screen Magic Window Screen Cleaner


Take a small tape measure to get the window screen measurement

Small Stanley Fatmax Tape measure

As you can see there is channel on the both side. 1 side is little less deep and another side is comparatively deeper.

Fit the little tape measure in the deeper groove side of the channel.
Measure it from there to the edge of the other side.
After taking the width measurement please deduct 5/16″

Now, lets measure the height. The deep channel is on the top Now put the tape measure in the bottom and measure to the edge of the top channel.

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