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Yelp page Best Custom Screens

Yelp page Best Custom Screens

The Yelp page Best Custom Screens.  Hey everyone!  Please check out the Best Custom Screens Yelp page.  Anyone have anything really good to say about the Best Custom Screens?  Did you order a sliding screen doors and window screens? 

Please give us a wonderful review!

Five star review:  Jennifer C.  “Thank you so much for my sliding screen door.  I was very nervous that I did not measure it correctly. Once I finally completed the installation myself, it worked perfectly.  You guys are awesome!  Thanks again.”


Shielding your windows and doors since 2002!

Our company will continue to assist you throughout the many years you’re in your home.  We carry many other products and services. Including re-screening, repairs on screens, screen doors, and blinds.  We also, carry many other products including window blinds, roller shades and shutters.

Additional Yelp Comments

Why do we all jump to add a poor reviews on Yelp when we are upset?  I think that it’s an impulsive decision cause by the stress of the situation and we tend to react quickly when upset.  This stems from our primal urges of being cave people!  Uga ooga!!!!

Additionally, we never seem to add good reviews when were really happy about a purchase or service experience?  Is it that were too busy enjoying what we purchased.  I don’t know the answer, but hopefully together we can establish a discussion on this blog to better understand.

Often, it can feel like getting a bad review is hugely unfair. You’ve spit blood and sweat working hard on your business and to provide good customer service.  Someone having a bad hair day and a negative attitude wants to destroy everything you’ve worked so hard for.  It’s so unfair to have to feel angry and want to lash out at this individual.  It makes being compassionate to the Yelp reviewer very difficult.

Thankfully only twenty three percent of customers state that they post negative reviews to be vengeful.  Customers aren’t complaining to take revenge on your company.  The complaint is not personal or intended to attack you, no matter how much it may feel that way.  People who complain are hoping to receive a response.  Customers complain online because of a bad experience.  They are expecting a response and they hope to receive an offer.

Businesses are paying attention to Yelp.  Yelp is force to be reckoned with.

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  1. I checked one of the biggest online store and their 36 in. x 77 inch door costs around $92.12 and best customs screens costs $49.99. I saved more than $100.00 for the same quality. I will definitely recommend this to everyone.

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