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Blog » Zika Virus in local mosquitos

Zika Virus in local mosquitos

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Zika Virus in local mosquitos

Zika Virus in local mosquitos.  Florida officials for the first time have detected the Zika virus in local mosquitos! Although local cases of the virus in humans were reported in Florida last month, this is the first time that mosquitos were detected.  The mosquitos under surveillance by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services were to be carrying the dangerous virus.

Trapped insects

The insects were trapped in the same 1.5-mile area of Miami Beach.  The same area where the human cases of the Zika virus were reported.  The media speculated that local mosquitos were responsible.  Most cases where travelling to Zika infested countries outside of the United States is blamed.

Zika virus is a real threat

This means that mosquito to human transfer of the Zika virus is a real threat. Some people on social media on Facebook have accused the government and the news media of being paranoid about the situation.  Now there is proof that there the Zika virus in local mosquitos is real.  As well as the fact that they are now finding infected mosquitos inside of the country means there is now a real concern!  Zika is a threat to pregnant mothers as the virus causing serious birth defects to unborn children!


The government is doing all that they can to keep surveillance on mosquitos through traps.  For instance, this new report by the FDACS states that 40,000 mosquitos were tested in the Miami Beach area.  Also, while that seems like an impressive number, that’s only a small fraction of the mosquito population. Government officials can only do so much!  Which is why we should also take responsibility in ways to protect ourselves from this threat.

Local problem

I know some people will dismiss all of this by telling themselves that this is just a Florida problem.  As a species that is over 100 million years old, mosquitos know how to breed and travel.  As tiny as they are, they’re considered a dangerous insect due to their ability to carry and spread diseases.  Both among animals and humans through their bites.

Zika is just one of many diseases.  There is also the West Nile virus that you constantly hear about in the news. In other words, this can easily go from being a Florida problem to a problem near you and your home – wherever you may reside.

Window Screens and Screen Doors

Screening the windows in your home is one of the most effective ways to combat getting bites. Sure there is always a risk when you’re out and about in areas like lakes, rivers, and standing water. These pests are also on the prowl at night looking for blood while you’re asleep at night.

I myself have woken up to scratching a bite received overnight from a mosquito that made its way into the house. They can get in many ways but often a torn or old screen.  Even windows with no screens at all – are to blame.  Screens are very affordable!  If you spot a window in your home with an old or torn screen.  Then get a replacement right away from Best Custom Screes.  We are here to shield your windows and doors!

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