Sliding Screen Door Kit

Everything You Need To Know About Sliding Screen Door Kits

  1. Aluminium Screen Door Kit
  2. 36″x94″ Unassembled Economy Screen Door kit
  3. 36″x79″ Unassembled Economy Screen Door Kit
  4. 48″x79″ Unassembled Economy screen door parts
  5. 48″x94″ Unassembled Economy screen door parts

Firstly, KD stands for Knock Down.  The KD kits is a unique way that Best Custom Screens provides our custom made sliding screen doors. Secondly, the Screen Door kits are custom made to size with mitred corners and are partially assembled for easy assembly. Door parts for Sliding Screen is available with a rolling tool upon request.

Some Assembly Required

The sliding screen door screen replacement KD kit requires some assembly. Use a 48″x96″ or 4 foot x 8 foot table or sheet of plywood type table or on the floor to assemble. Remember that sliding screen doors are large. Be aware of attempting to assemble on rough surfaces like cement, as these surfaces could scratch the paint off the metal frame.

The sliding screen door is boxed and ships throughout the United States of America via UPS or FedEx ground. Check out how to assemble the unassembled sliding screen door video below

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