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Blog » Screen for Windows: Elevate Your Property with Custom Metal Window Screens

Screen for Windows: Elevate Your Property with Custom Metal Window Screens

Are you tired of the hassle of replacing window screens? From property maintenance to renovation projects, attention maintenance managers, technicians, apartment managers, handymen, and homeowners seeking relief from DIY frustrations, your search ends here. With over 30 years of experience catering to multifamily housing, property management, and construction industries, our company offers competitive prices and unparalleled expertise. Say goodbye to the cumbersome process of crafting your own window screens from kits found at Home Depot or Lowes. Our custom window screen program provides cost-effective solutions tailored to your needs, whether for residential or commercial properties. Originally developed in the mid-1800s to deter insects, window screens have evolved into essential barriers against disease-carrying mosquitoes, such as those responsible for malaria. Join us in fortifying your property against pests and diseases with our quality metal window screens and superior service. We also include a unique martial arts perspective of beating the bugs away with house window screens! 

Self Defense Against Disease Carrying Insects

Why do people study self defense aka martial arts? It’s to defend themselves from someone attacking them. No matter what style of martial arts someone is being taught, the most common teaching is that you practice, and repetition creates muscle memory.

You go over various blocks, kicks, punches, forms, sparring, matches, tournaments and put your body through a grueling amount of exercise.

This is so in the event of a real attack; the martial artist will have a level head and muscle memory to rely on. A martial artist does not even think, because if you think then there is delay.

Most importantly, the martial artist just reacts to the muscle memory in their body. The same goes for many objects in our lives. Things are just things, and they do the job they were made for.

The same goes for things in and outside of our home. It’s obvious that Security Screens for doors and windows will protect your family from unsafe people who want to hurt or rob you.

But what about unseen things like disease, for example COVID. We all never would have thought that the pandemic would have made us think this way. But here we are today!

martial arts and window screens

Metal Window Screens plays a more important role against the virus

What? Why? What is this guy talking about? Is he okay?

No, I am not a lutanic. For over a hundred and fifty years now window screens have been saving peoples lives from disease. Please read our article on the History of Mosquito Control.

Home Defense

Window Screens is like being a martial artist

  • Cleaning your metal window screens every time you clean your windows is like training or practicing
  • Replacing and buy new window screens once per year is like testing for your next belt level
  • Adding Solar Screens is like advancing to a Black Belt
  • Opening your windows during the pandemic is using your muscle memory to protect your family

Where people congregate inside, disease and viruses can become stagnant and grow in volume while people are in a dwelling. Window Screens allows people to open the windows to let out disease and viruses away from the inside of our homes.

This is the number one reason why window screens saves lives! It’s interesting to think the before the early 1800’s many people died from disease because they were locked up with it inside.

Additional Benefits of house window screens:

  • Debris, leaves, and some dirt is kept out
  • Helps keep rainwater away from the window, so it protects the glass
  • Keeps out flying insects and creepy crawling critters
  • Racoons and squirrels most likely will not come in
  • It keeps my cat inside
  • Provides suburb ventilation
  • Can regulate sunlight and heat, especially when using Phifer Sun Screen or Suntex materials.

The history of mosquito control and replacing window screens

Custom window screens help reduce mosquito malaria.  Recently I have become very concerned with home owners and renters!  They have made a senseless decision to remove their windows screens from their homes or apartment building windows. Just to save a couple of bucks!

You may ask: why am I so concerned with this?  Let me state that custom window screens will facilitate in saving many lives!  Window screens serve as a crucial function!  Let me share a couple of things that I actually discovered in my analysis.  It all has to do with flying insects (primarily mosquitoes) and the diseases they carry…. read more

Additional information

House Window Screens have Various types of frames available. It all depends on the window and the company that manufactured it.

Most Importantly there are many basic windows in home today. For example there are wood, metal and vinyl window frames, crank, single hung, double hung, and slider windows, etc. This amazing list goes on and on.

Above all our company makes the majority of all common types of custom window screens in our factory and shop. Meanwhile, our website offers the most common window screen available at an affordable price. Similarly the colors of frames are the most common and will cover 95% of glass today.

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