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36″ Fiberglass Charcoal Screening – Cut to Size

(4 customer reviews)

$1.25 price_excluding-tax

Fiberglass Screening 18×16 mesh charcoal color, with a wire diameter of .011 is available to order on our website.  Full rolls come in a total of 100 lineal feet.  Size: 36″.  Cut to size by lineal foot.

Phifer 36" Pet Screen Black

Replacement Screening Material 36″ Fiberglass Charcoal

Product Overview:

The 36 inch FIBERGLASS SCREENING Charcoal Screening is cut to size and is well known for its flexibility because its pliable.  Plus it’s also known for versatility that can be used on various types of screening project. 

Phifer Incorporated makes our fiberglass mesh screen because they are the nation’s #1 insect and solar screen manufacturer.

It’s amazingly strong and resilient. This crazy fiberglass mesh screening is both an economical and best choice with price in mind.

Fiberglass screening is ideal for high traffic areas and won’t dent or sag.

Phifer fiberglass screening is strong! Being tough is what makes it a great solution for you. The durability of the mesh helps keeps pests out like insects, flies, mosquitoes, spiders, moths, and more.

It also protects your home from viruses and bacteria by allowing natural airflow into your home and will keep it cool as well.


​Types of screening applications;

  • Window Screens
  • Sliding Screen Doors
  • Swinging Screen Doors
  • Retractable Screens
  • Porches
  • Patio Screens
  • Gazebos
  • Pool Cages
  • Enclosures
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Weight6.0 lbs




Phifer Incorporate is the #1 brand & manufacturing company of insect screening and producer of high performing sun shading & exterior furniture fabrics. Plus, aluminum wire mesh products.
Phifer 36" Pet Screen Black

4 reviews for 36″ Fiberglass Charcoal Screening – Cut to Size

  1. Aleheli Bothi

    To replace all the screens in our house this Fiberglass Charcoal Screen was an excellent choice. It is fairly strong for a Standard durability screen.


    This Fiberglass Charcoal Screening is a big money saver, as the price I was given for the repair of a single screen was considerable. The material is strong and durable, I am very pleased up to now.

  3. 19090llc

    I Have used this Charcoal Screening patio door! Perfect Color, strong and durable, delivery was on time. I will order more if this runs out! Thanks

  4. 86bluetoy

    Go with this company if you need any screening work good product with excellent price.

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