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How to fix a binding sliding screen door

Troubleshooting a binding sliding screen door

I just purchased my brand new sliding screen door and it just doesn’t work. It gets stuck. I called the company and asked them for a refund. They would not provide a refund because they stated that it was improper installation. Here is my journey on how to fix a binding sliding screen door.

Wow this scenario can be frustrating for some. Especially buying a sliding screen door and thinking that it can be easily installed. Yes the DIY person can easily install a sliding screen door but that doesn’t mean everything is going to be level and plumb on the house. Or in some cases the track is completely warped by the sun or the track can even be missing. Sometimes it requires a handyman or installer who has experience in these types of installations to recognize and resolve this type of issue.

This is why we have brought Steve Tristan an Expert Installer to explain how you too can troubleshoot a binding sliding screen Door.

Steve’s Pre check list

First off do a pre-check of the sliding glass door frame and sliding screen door track:

  • Check if the bottom track is there.
  • Be sure that the bottom track and top channel are free of debris. Clean if with a broom or scrape away any grime that may be there.
  • Use Alum A Lub lubricant cleaner to clean and lubricate bottom tracks and top channels. It can also be sprayed directly on rollers to help sliding screen door wheels glide smoothly.

Now that I have installed the sliding screen door it gets stuck or binds

Steve Tristan’s troubleshooting checklist

Expert advice on how to unbind a sliding screen door

  1. The #1 reason why sliding screen doors bind, is the bug seal. Be sure to properly trim the length and thickness of the bug seal. Make sure it properly fits with your sliding glass door. Please see our video on how to trim a bug seal.
  2. Adjust the wheels so that the bottom of the frame does not drag. Sometimes with settling and especially in California with earthquakes sliding glass doors may not be level. Adjust the wheels accordingly.
  3. Also adjust the top wheel to help balance the sliding screen door
  4. Use Alum A Lub on bottom and top wheels. If it still binds, you can also spray frames.

All of the above steps will resolve virtually all issues with binding sliding screen doors. If there is still a binding problem then we recommend taking a detailed video and emailing it to us at

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