If you are interested in joining our home improvement family and becoming a part of our team

Take a look at some of the jobs available that we have to offer.

Whether you have great people skills, excellent problem solving abilities, or have a knack for installation of screen doors and window coverings, see if any of our listings fit your skillset!

Customer Service

If assisting people and serving them when they have questions about a product sounds like it fits your personality, perhaps a virtual or part time job in customer service for our staff would be right for you. We are looking for genuinely friendly people who can handle confrontation with ease, direct customers in the right direction, and help in any way possible so that each customer get the best possible experience with our company.

A person in this role would need to have a thorough understanding of our business model, as well as a sense of all the products that we offer to the market. This is a vital role within our company, as it directly affects the end user of our products.

Virtual Assistant

If you are someone who is looking to be employed entirely virtually and you are self-motivated, consider becoming a virtual assistant on our staff. We are looking for someone who has excellent communication skills, is skilled with technology and computer skills, and who can handle a variety of different tasks.

This opportunity would include handling administrative aspects of our home improvement sales company such as scheduling, emails, discovering partnerships, and more. This position may also be part time work, depending on your accessibility and the demands of our business at any given point.

SEO and Digital Marketing

We are looking to hire someone to run our digital marketing campaigns through social media accounts and social media ads. If you have a developed understanding of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and can apply your knowledge to the home improvement jobs industry, this would be a great opportunity for you to showcase your skills.

We are in need of someone who is a creative thinker who can find unique opportunities to reach a broader market for our products so that we can boost our online sales. Our goal with this position is to find someone who knows how to spearhead a digital campaign in order to direct more traffic to our website, which will lead to increased sales.


We are in need of a qualified bookkeeper who has an in depth understanding of managerial accounting and financial concepts. This position will require one to organize our general ledger, track each transaction and expense, and keep our credits and debits balanced. In addition, this role will require one to be able to prepare relevant financial documents such as a balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement.

This is to ensure that our business is hitting its monthly, quarterly, and yearly financial goals and steering clear of any financial mishaps that may go unnoticed. If you have a background or experience in accounting or any sort of financial role, reach out and see if what you have to offer can fit what our company is looking for!


One of the most critical components of our business is making sure that a customer can use our products the way they are supposed to. Whether it be in a residential or commercial construction setting, installers are the hands-on workers who understand how each of our products are designed to work and how they can be easily installed to any window or home exterior.

If you are a hard-working individual who is looking for a screen door installation or window coverings installation job opportunity, we would love to have you as a part of our business. Previous work experience is preferred but not required for this role, as anyone with a commitment to learn and work hard can pick up the necessary skills to be a great installer.


Looking for a job in sales? Have any training, education, or previous experience in the sales industry? We are looking for someone to hire as a home improvement sales associate who works directly with the end consumers of our products in order to get more products from our business into their hands.

This person should have an impressive understanding of how physical product sales works, who are target audience and customers are, and how we can increase our sales consistently with proven strategies. This person should also be a great communicator, be effective online and in person, and have a persistent personality.

Shop Employees

Lastly, we are looking for shop employees, possibly even for part time jobs, who can run and manage our shop. People applying for these positions do not need to have prior experience before applying, but it is preferred. In order to be successful in this position, one needs to understand our home improvement products such as window coverings and screen doors, while also having an outgoing and friendly personality.

Specific duties in this job position might include answering customer calls over the phone, helping customers find the right product they are looking for, and being able to answer questions if need be. This role is not a highly technical position, it just requires a dedication to helping people in any way possible!

Reaching Out

If you or someone you know may be interested in any of the job listings mentioned above, please feel free to reach out with your contact information and resume. We are excited to have the opportunity to bring on new members of our team so that we can better serve our customers in the home improvement industry.

Whether you are looking for a sales job, installation job, or you can apply your understanding of online marketing and SEO to the home improvement market, we look forward to bringing in quality people who can fulfill these roles. You can contact us through this link https://www.bestcustomscreens.com/contact-us/ and we will get back in touch with you as soon as possible!