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Blog » Best Screen Doors for Apartments in 2024

Best Screen Doors for Apartments in 2024

Today I searched Google for “best screen doors for apartments”. I did not like what I found. The top 10 websites that all come up are pitching the concept that people need to buy low-cost cheaply made magnetic screen doors. They are also made using velcro to attach to the door. I do not recommend them to anyone who cares for their home and wants a screen door to last.

After being in the industry for more than 30 years this frustrates me because we all know that the #1 screen door apartment buildings use is a sliding screen door. The magnetic screen door is not purchased by apartment maintenance staff or property managers. They buy replacement sliding screen doors for the sliding glass door and sometimes an occasional hinged screen door. Never a magnetic screen door. They shouldn’t even call it a screen door. It’s more like a mosquito net draped over a door but barely hanging on yelling out, SAVE Me!

Some of the results I got on page 1 of the search term

Keep your property uniformed interior and exterior looking good

When a resident or tenant purchases a magnetic screen door for their rental unit and installs themselves into an entry door or slider. The likelihood of management asking them to take it down is high because it doesn’t conform with the building’s exterior design or building specifications. Property management teams take this type of problem seriously.

The magnetic screen door to people in the industry is a cheap novelty (made in China) that truly is a temporary solution for standard doorways. It’s inexpensive and velcro is used to hold it up.  In the heat or extreme weather, the product can fail by coming down and sometime pulling paint in the process.

Google may work on search terms based on the article and generally its excellent at searching for what you really need to find. Unfortunately in this instance, this is an example where Google has failed because of the overwhelming amount of articles written about the cheap magnetic screen door and since the keywords are similar it looks the same to the algorithm. Either the AI needs to improve or we need to inform Google ourselves.  

What do I do to help the industry provide accurate information online?

I call all window and screening industry professionals to write more on this topic. The use of terms like “sliding screen doors are best for apartments “. You can also use the “best custom screens for apartments is the sliding door screen “. These terms will help balance the way Google share accurate information with the public.
We should all report a problem with Google search directly at

What should I write?  Here is what I sent to Google

While searching the keyword term “best screen doors for apartments” I have discovered that the incorrect product is coming up. The cheap magnetic screen doors are showing up in the results.  95% of apartment screen doors are sliding screen doors. I wanted to make Google aware of this because we feel it’s our duty to help. In addition as an industry leader it’s our responsibility to provide accurate information to the public. 

Below is a list of the top 5 pages we recommend for this keyword term.


Thank you for your consideration.  I will await your response with patience and appreciation.

Notable Notes by the expert Steve Tristan

5 Most Popular Types of Screen Doors For Apartments

Apartments often require the right kind of screen door for proper security, ventilation, and light flow. Here are the 5 most popular types of apartments!

If you are an apartment manager or property maintenance director, you make decisions every day to benefit your residents’ lives. Adding the right screen door for the apartment unit is an essential part of the indoor to outdoor-living spaces. 

Apartment Living Building

If you’re living in an apartment and want to get the perfect screen door, you’ll need to take into account ventilation, security, and light flow. Fortunately, there are many types of screen doors designed specifically for apartments that can provide all three. Here are the five top apartment-friendly choices.

Sliding Screen Doors

#1 on the list is Sliding screen doors are great for apartments that need to conserve space. Because most apartment units have a small patio and the sliding glass door that allows the residents to access this area. This makes the patio sliding screen door the most popular screen door for apartment buildings. 

These doors typically feature a single panel on rollers which runs along a track in the frame when opened and closed. They can easily be customized using different frames and colors to match your sliding glass door specifications.

Sliding screen doors have many benefits including protection from flying insects like mosquitoes and flies. 

Best Custom Screens offers various qualities and styles of sliding screen doors. Below is a list of the types of sliding screen doors offered. Plus a brief explanation of what the benefits are and especially for apartment buildings.

Sliding Screen Door Home Page image
Sliding Screen Door Home Page image
Description for apartments

Lowest Price & Most Popular with apartment managers that have budget constraints.

Aluminum & Classic are both medium-quality sliding screen doors.

Heavy Duty Sliding Screen Doors are strong and last for many years to come. Plus the wheels glide extra smoothly. All Heavy Duty comes with metal handles and latches.

EZ Slide frame is 1 3/4″ x 1/2″ and painted to match.

Super Duper frame is 2 1/2″ x 1 /2″ and is a beast.

The Premier is the choice for properties that have an Anderson type sliding door system or similar modern type sliding doors.

Retractable Screen Doors

Retractable screen doors are becoming popular due to their space-saving design and versatility. These screens slide out of sight when not in use and allow you to enjoy lots of natural light, while still providing adequate protection against insects. They also fade into the background when not in use and come with weatherstripping for added insulation.

Genius Milano Premium Retractable Screen Door
Genius Milano Premium Retractable Screen Door

We find that the retractable screen doors usually are bought directly by the resident because it’s not a common item for apartment rental owners to buy. Therefore it’s the tenants choice with the approval of the management company to install retractable screens. 

Hinged Screen Doors

Hinged screen doors are the classic option for most apartments. They typically come with either a latch or lockable handle, depending on your preference. These types of screen doors are generally installed at fron entry doors or french doors.

Swinger hinged screen doors
Swinger hinged screen doors

Also Hinged Screen Doors are also known as Swinging Screen Doors. They come in a variety of styles and colors to suit your properties design and need. Inquire with our team to select your swinging screen door for your property. 

Security Screen Doors

Security screen doors provide additional safety and are widely used in areas where security is a concern. They consist of a heavy-duty, galvanized steel frame with strong woven wire mesh that offers protection against theft or vandalism. These doors provide more convenience compared to traditional locks because they provide instant visual assessment of who’s at the door – perfect for renters who want to feel safe in their home.

Sentry - Security Screen Door
Sentry – Security Screen Door

Storm Doors.

Storm doors are a popular option for apartment dwellers that live in extreme winter climates. If it snows where you live then a storm door is perfect for your apartment home. 

My front door with storm door
Storm Door White

Added benefits include temperature regulation, sound reduction, and security. These doors feature one full panel or two panels that fit into the same frame. The storm door has an exterior storm panel with weather proofing materials and sometimes an interior screen panel for ventilation. Other basic storm doors are strictly one panel of glass inside of the frame. 

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