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Blog » Searching for Best Screen Doors for Apartments

Searching for Best Screen Doors for Apartments

Today I searched Google for “best screen doors for apartments”. I did not like what I found. The top 10 websites that all come up are pitching the idea of the low cost cheap magnetic screen doors. After being in the industry for more than 30 years this really frustrates me because we all know that the #1 screen door apartment buildings use is a sliding screen door. The magnetic screen door is not purchased by apartment maintenance staff or property managers. They buy replacement sliding screen doors for the sliding glass door.

Some of the result I got on page 1 of the search term

If a resident or tenant purchases a magnetic screen door for their rental unit and installs themselves into an entry door or slider. The likelihood of management asking them to take it down is high because it doesn’t conform with the buildings exterior design or building specifications. Property management teams take this type of problem seriously.

The magnetic screen door to people in the industry is a cheap novelty (made in China) that truly is a temporary solution for standard door ways. It’s inexpensive and velcro is used to hold it up.  In the heat or extreme weather the product can fail by coming down and sometime pulling paint in the process.

Google may work on search terms based on the article and generally its excellent at searching what you really need to find. Unfortunately in this instance this is an example where Google has failed because of the overwhelming amount of articles written about the cheap magnetic screen door and since the keywords are similar it looks the same to the algorithm. Either the AI needs to improve or we need to inform Google ourselves.  

What do I do to help the industry provide accurate information online?

I call all window and screening industry professionals to write more on this topic. The use of terms like “sliding screen doors is best for apartments “. You can also us “best custom screens for apartments is the sliding door screen “. These terms will help balance the way Google share accurate information with the public.
We should all report a problem with Google sesrch directly at

What should I write?  Here is what I sent to Google

While searching the keyword term “best screen doors for apartments” I have discovered that the incorrect product is coming up. The cheap magnetic screen doors is showing up in the results.  95% of apartment screen doors are sliding screen doors. I wanted to make Google aware of this because we feel it’s our duty to help. In addition as a an industry leader its our responsibility to provide accurate information to the public. 

Below is a list of the top 5 pages we recommend for this keyword term.


Thank you for your consideration.  I will await your response with patience and appreciation.

Opinion Piece by Steve Tristan

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