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Marcelo Mortel – Assistant Manager

Marcelo Mortel – Assistant Manager

Marcelo Mortel – Assistant Manager at Best Custom Screens

Marcelo is an assistant manager here Best Custom Screens & Blinds. In the short time he’s been with us we’ve come to depend on his loyalty, his bravery, and his respect for others. It didn’t take him very long to work his way up the ranks, but then, that’s what we’ve come to expect from Marcelo. Here’s a hard worker that puts the good of others before himself, a quality we deeply respect.

Marcelo Mortel in Les Miserables

He first came to use back in 2016, fresh out of high school, passionate and ready to make something of himself. It was one of his first jobs and his first real hands-on position. However, it didn’t last. After three months on the job, he took a pause to join the Army. This experience made a lasting impression on him, and when he came back to us, he was even more devoted than before.

Military Service

Marcelo has always had a fierce sense of justice. What’s right is right and what’s wrong is wrong. Standing up for the little guy is a defining trait, and one of the driving motivations for joining the military. When asked why he would risk his life by joining the service, he said:

“I’m tired of bullies, and I’m tired of standing idly by while bullies torment other people and make them feel worthless, oppressed, and unwanted. Those kids who get shut down from fulfilling their dreams often don’t think they’re good enough to make dreams come true. I just want them to know that I’ll be here, fighting the biggest bullies in the world so that they can make their dreams come true. I want my younger friends and family to know that they won’t have to live in fear. I’ll be here to protect them.”

As a member of the United States Army Infantry, he trained long hours under difficult conditions.  This cemented his appreciation for the value of hard work. In the military, if you don’t put in the time, and if you don’t work as a team, you may not make it out alive.

He did a 10-month tour overseas in Afghanistan, performing admirably and doing his family proud. His service earned him a Combat Infantry Badge, among many other honors.

Baseball Career

The military wasn’t the first time Marcelo applied his talents for the benefit of a team. Growing up in California, baseball, and athleticism in general, were very important to him. He was a captain on the St. Genevieve High School varsity baseball team, racking up impressive stats while leading his team to victory on a number of occasions.

Prior to that, he had the opportunity to compete in a prestigious youth baseball tournament through the Cooperstown Dreams Park. He marks this event as one of the greatest moments in his life, providing him the opportunity to play the game he loved in front of celebrities and former presidents.

Athletics was his first experience putting the wellbeing of a group ahead of his own, a lesson he carried into the military, and then into his work life. Marcelo is the quintessential team player, recognizing that you can accomplish much more as a group than you can on your own.

Today, among other pursuits, he applies his athleticism as an avid surfer and dancer.

An Adventurous Streak

His forays into baseball, surfing, and the military are expressions of his adventurous nature, a passion that’s driven him since childhood. He’s always been an explorer, devoted to the natural world.

He has a creative side, which he expresses through landscape photography. He loves getting out into nature, immersing himself in the experience, and capturing the beauty he finds all around him. Photography gives him a creative outlet, letting him share his unique perspective with the rest of the world.

A Love of People

Marcelo loves to share his photography with people because he wants them to appreciate the beauty of the natural world as much as he does. He loves to socialize and he appreciates the roles other people play in his life. His friends and family are the most important part of his life.

He brings that deep devotion to others to his job every day. After his military service was over, Marcelo began working for us again, where he remains today. His customer-centric attitude helps him deliver winning service. Whether he’s helping on the manufacturing line, assisting customers with sales and support, or going on installation calls. We made him an assistant manager. Because, in everything he does, he’s looking out for the best interests of his coworkers and our customers.

Seeing Things Differently

In business and in life, Marcelo takes a holistic perspective. He doesn’t just look at what’s in front of him. He considers a problem from every angle, looking for the best solution possible. It’s this sort of out-of-the-box thinking, among many other reasons that make him such a valuable asset to our company.

There’s a quote Marcelo’s fond of, and we think it captures his outlook on life perfectly. It’s from one of the better-known songs in the Phantom of the Opera.

Let your soul take you where you long to be.”

Marcelo lets the best parts of his soul guide him. In service to others. Plus in service to his country and lastly in service to himself. His passion drives him to give 100%. Whether it’s in athletic competition, in defense of the defenseless, or in service to his customers. He knows what he wants and he puts in the effort needed to make it happen. He’s motivated by an inner strength that derives from his passion for others and an excitement for life that’s hard to match. And he’s building a career we can all be proud of.

We’re happy to have Marcelo as a part of our team. We look forward to big things from him in the future. We have no doubt he’ll shine in whatever he does.

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