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Miguel Umali, Customer Support Team

Miguel Umali, Customer Support Team

“Mig’s” is a Customer Service Extraordinaire

Miguel Umali aka “Migs” is a valued member of the Best Custom Screens team. He is a customer service and sales support agent, who’s days are filled with helping customers on the telephone and by messenger chat. Mig’s assists with product questions, website inquiries, as well as helps enter the customers order when needed. He is a well rounded organized individual who always puts the customer first. He has gone to bat many times out of his own comfort zone to help clients, even if it’s not in the rule book.


Miguel comes from a family with a business in the window and door screening industry. His Father, Michael Umali is a proud owner of a local window and iron works business known as Pasig Iron Works Glass and Aluminum Services.  They also provide window screen installs to their clients. Migs humble beginnings of helping his Father growing up and as a young adult he helped manage the overall business. 

You can say that he was born and bred into the industry. Miguel explains in his own words, “I learned how to buy materials, how to do quotes and pricing, I learned how to weld and make roofing, fence gates and trusses. I also learned how to install and cut glass.” It’s rare to find such a well rounded individual who can provide in the field insight as well as work in the office. Our management is glad Miguel is on our team.

Higher education

College Accomplishments include:

  • In 2006 was awarded Mr San Sabastian which included a full Scholarship
  • Received a Bachelors of Science in Hospitality – Hotel and Restaurant Management at  San Sebastian College of Recoletos
  • Firing team: Competed in local inter Schools supported by Philippine Army.
  • Awarded blue belt in Taekwondo.
  • Became Mr. San Sebastian in 2006 and got full Scholarship in College.
  • College Council President for 2 years
  • Organized Feeding programs, cleaning programs, and Youth advocacies supported by Local Government.

Recent accomplishments:

  • Supervisor at PLDT Telco Company.
  • Best Custom Screens, Customer Service Representative.
    • Detailed product training course
    • Tony Robbins RPM Training program
  • His current work goal is to establish himself as an amazing Sales/ Customer Support Person. 
  • His future goal is to manage and support his own international team abroad or in the Philippines.

Statement from Miguel

My goal is very simple, to focus and spend more time with my family. My current position with Best Custom Screens offers me the flexibility to be able to be there with my family and take my daughter to school in the morning. I am able to find the time to workout and spend extra time with my lovely wife. 

My number one goal is to support my family and provide a better home for our Daughter. To continue to provide for her financially until she completes College. Four year or eight years Masters, either way I will be there. 

My health is important to me. I want to keep healthy so I can continue to have a fulfilled life with my family. 

I pray that my family sees me as a God fearing Father and Husband. My ultimate dream is to see that my kids have faith, that they are happy and are successful in their own personal lives.

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