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Double Sliding Screen Door

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Double Sliding Screen Door with Aluminum Meeting Rail

The Double Sliding Screen Door Product includes two screen doors. Plus you can add on a top channel and bottom track for an additional price. If you are looking for a new option for your home then double sliding screen doors may be fore you. It’s a great choice for the 4 panel slider glass doors.

These doors are available in a variety of styles and colors so you will find one that suits your needs perfectly.

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Aluminum Double Sliding Screen Door Description

Double Sliding Screen Door Product includes the following. Two screen doors, and an aluminum meeting rail. Plus you can add on a top channel and bottom track for an additional price. Currently is only available with the Aluminum Sliding Screen Door. Reversible left or right handle. Just flip it over for either side.

A double sliding screen door is a type of screen door that consists of two screen panels that slide along a track. These doors are typically used as an exterior door in residential or commercial buildings. They allow for easy access to the outdoors while still providing protection against insects and other pests.

Features & Benefits

  • One of the main benefits of a double sliding screen door is that it allows for a wide opening.
  • When both panels are open, the doorway is fully unobstructed, making it easy to move large items or furniture in and out of the building.
  • This is especially useful in areas with high foot traffic or when entertaining large groups of people.
  • Another benefit of a double sliding screen door is that it can help to improve airflow in a building.
  • When the panels are open, the screen material allows for a gentle breeze to pass through, which can help to keep the interior of the building cool and comfortable.
  • Double sliding screen doors are typically made of durable materials such as aluminum or fiberglass, which can withstand the elements and provide long-lasting performance.
  • They are also available in a variety of styles and colors to suit the aesthetics of different buildings.

Overall, a double sliding screen door is a practical and convenient solution for anyone looking to provide easy access to the outdoors while still protecting against insects and other pests.

Double panel doors are great because they allow you to open up your space while still keeping your privacy intact. They also provide a nice balance between style and function.

Choose the Right Size.

You should choose the right size for your door based on how much room you need to move through. If you plan on using the door frequently, then you will want to make sure that it has enough clearance so that you do not bump into things as you pass by.

Watch Steve Tristan’s Best on How to Install Double Sliding Screen Doors

How to Measure Double Sliding Screen Doors



  1. Determine your “Active Side”
  2. Measure the width
  3. Measure heights
  4. Refer to our how to measure a sliding screen door on details


  • Active Door:  Refers to the door with the lock. This will mirror your existing doors.
  • Non Active: Refers to the door receiving the lock.
  • All locks will be cut ready for immediate use.
  • “The back of the fixed glass panel” refers to the glass side and must include the aluminium frame of your fixed glass panel.
  • Frame interlocks and the receiving H channel for the non-active door are supplied with your doors; plus 5/32 rivets for installation.
  • Double sliding screen doors must have receiving interlocks.


Receiving H Channel

The H-Receiver houses the lock plate, the active door locks into this channel.


Our doors have industry standard top and bottom rollers, you must have suitable tracking to accommodate these rollers.

Two Measure Options are available:


Option 1: Measure your existing screen doors


Measuring from an existing screen doors: 

If you have an existing doors, and you are happy with the fit. Then we suggest that you measure these doors and use these measurements for your new doors.

Active Side: 

Stand outside with your doors closed; identify which door will have the lock, left or right, this is the active door.

Door Widths:

Measure the top, middle and bottom widths of each screen door; send us the largest of the three measurements.


Door Height:

Measure from top to bottom of each screen door on both the left and right hand sides; send us the shortest of the two measurements for each door.


Latch Height:

You can install latch onto the aluminum meeting rail easily. Please refer to the How to video on this page.

Option 2: Measure from the tracks for new doors

Active Side: 

Stand outside with your doors closed; identify which door will have the lock, left or right, this is the active door.

Door Widths (with receiving interlocks) :

Measure the entire opening from the outside edge of receiving interlock on the fixed glass panel (1.2) on the right hand side to the outside edge of the receiving interlock on left hand side fixed panel. Deduction 6mm and divide by two to ascretain the individual door width.

Door Width (without a receiving interlock): 

If there is no receiving interlock you must install them, otherwise there will be nothing to stop the screen doors sliding all the way across and over the fixed panels. See the instructions below “No Receiving Interlock?” for directions on how to measure for receiving interlocks; they can be purchased from the Addons at Step 3 of the Product Builder.

Door Height: 

Measure lengths at three to four points along the track; take this measurement from the top of the bottom track, to the bottom of the top track, deduct 12 mm from the shortest length and record this measurement. Your track will either have a raised rail (1.3) or it will be a flat U-shaped section (1.4).

If a variation of more than 1/8 inch exists this may result in the door not sliding properly, and additional tracking may have to be installed to make tracks parallel.


Color of Frame

White, Bronze, Adobe, Tan, Anodized, Bronze Anodized

Frame Width Per Screen Door

30", 36", 40", 42", 48"

Custom Frame Height of Screen Door

77", 77 1/4", 77 1/2", 77 3/4", 78", 78 1/4", 78 1/2", 78 3/4", 79", 79 1/4", 79 1/2", 79 3/4", 80", 93", 93 1/4", 93 1/2", 93 3/4", 94", 94 1/4", 94 1/2", 94 3/4", 95", 95 1/4", 95 1/2", 95 3/4"


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