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Our Staff

Our Staff

Meet Our Staff – The Best Custom Screens Team

Who we are

Here at Best Custom Screens, we have a committed staff of eight members who work diligently to serve our customers. Plus we ensure that each customer has the highest quality experience possible.

We are dedicated to our craft and industry. Plus we also pride ourselves in the experience that each customer gets when they purchase our products.

Our team members are highly dedicated individuals who are always striving to make improvements to our products. This allows us to do our best. So that the end user is always thrilled with their purchase and overall experience with our company. Whether it be solar window screens, French screen doors, or any of the other many great products. We strive to always provide the best products on the market!

Commitment to Growth

            Within our company, each of our team members is always trying to learn and grow personally and professionally. Considering that providing the best service we can is our highest priority. It is imperative that we are always seeking out new ways to do just that.

One of the ways that we do this within our faith-based, family-oriented staff is by learning from business masterminds. Some of the programs that our staff have been trained under include:

Business Mastery

Life Mastery

Date with Destiny

Unleash the Power Within

Wealth Mastery

These courses from Tony Robbins have been a staple within our company as we have built our own culture. Plus we have grown into the business that we are excited to have today.

Commitment to Excellence

            As an online sales company offering custom screens and window accessories, we understand that there are other options. Many places are available to buy from. In order to face this, our team members are committed to excellence in all aspects of work. So that we can be the best.

We understand that each and every customer that chooses our company for their home is trusting us with providing a high quality screen at an affordable price that will last them well into the future. Because we are committed to excellence in our work, we take a tremendous amount of pride in what we do, how we do it, and most importantly, why we do it.

Commitment to Customer

            At the end of the day, we will never be satisfied unless our customers are satisfied with our products and the improvements that they make to their individual home. This is why we offer the ability to customize each product that a buyer orders. This way, the customer can be sure that the product that they get is exactly what is going to fit their needs.

We also like to go above and beyond just providing the product, as we have numerous Do It Yourself videos right on our website that can help the dedicated weekend home-improvement warrior install their order. From online order to at home installation and usage, here at Best Custom Screens we make sure that we are providing a top notch service to every single customer that trusts our brand to make their home better!

We love what we do!

Most of our staff have been with us since the beginning.  We have a family environment and always strive for the best.  Everyone in the company trains in many aspects of our skills.  In addition we train our staff in the methods and events taught by Tony Robbins, like UPW Unleash the Power from Within where we walked on Hot coals!  Others like; Business Mastery, Life Mastery, Date with Destiny, RPM, and coaching. 

We have meetings structured around these proven methods used by millions of businesses around the world.  Most importantly, we are guided by our faith and we always strive a change the world one person at a time.

Amazing Team at Best Custom Screens

Director of Operations Steve Tristan in New York during Christmas

Steve Tristan

Director of Operations

International Super Star

Kaiyum Ahmed

International Operations Administrator

Customer Service Team

Miguel Umali

Customer Support Team

Assistant Manager Marcelo Mortel

Marcelo Mortel

Assistant Manager

Juan Ramos Technical Support

Juan Ramos

Technical Support

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